Friday, April 27, 2007

Blogger's Choice Awards

Some groovy person submitted our site for the Blogger's Choice Awards - for the Blogitzer Award - bloggers that demonstrate the best writing ability in his or her blog...

I found this out after seeing the link that linked to our site. After the initial shock of being an asshole that I didn't think of it first, I was totally thrilled that we were...however, we have ONE vote. So.....

I am requesting anyone who reads us on a regular or semi-regular basis...hell, even if you just popped by and thought we didn't suck, to head over to and giving Ornery Woman a vote. I'd like to get more than one on Hell, I'd like to see how many we can get.

We get about 200 readers a week on here, so some of y'all get off yer asses and head over!


I send you a cyber hug and my deepest appreciation...and to whomever nominated us...let me know and I'll buy you a beer.


UPDATE: It was THORDORA!!!! What a lucious vixen! We love you, Thordora!!!! Thank you! :) I owe you a beer!

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Anonymous thordora said...

Well, you guys rock! You think I WOULDn'T nominate you?

3:55 PM  
Blogger Billychic said...


Then I tried to nominate YOU, but the way they have the setup for the name, it would have come out as Vomitcomit, not Spin Me I Pulsate...

That's a weird bug they need to fix...

4:07 PM  

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