Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Problem Fantasy

Uh, sir? It seems we have a problem…

My latest fantasy is definitely problematic.

Wisely, I spared my coworker pal the delicious little email I wrote, realizing, that maybe it’s not wise to let loose with this increasingly violent fantasy on the company email?

Probably not.

Basically, I want all the corporate suit fucks who sucker my students into enrolling and paying such enormous fees for nothing to get put in a room. Also in that room will be the full-time employees who have no idea who their advisees are, at least by name. Let's not forget all the other lazy teachers who are merely coasting from paycheck to paycheck. Finally in this room will be my students: Hard-working kids, who really don’t have many options outside of the military to get their shit together or more schooling. Nor do they have the resources in parents or background and training to be able to maneuver through the shit storms.

But back to this increasingly crowded room:

It’s a party, without snacks.

Then I walk in and announce that the suits, who are nervous at that point, some pacing, some chattering, all of them sweating. These suits are the ones who have, if only metaphorically, kept these kids in sub-standard housing, schools and offered no realistic job training or legal paths to betterment.

There’s a lot of nervous coughing at this point, but no papers to shuffle or statistics to pad and hide behind, just a generation of pissed off kids who know they’ve been duped.

At this point I’m on top of the step ladder I dragged in, because, really I just want to see who wets their pants first.

I highly doubt it’s my current students.

They might just feel empowered for the first time in their lives as they watch the useless old men pissing their pants.

Then what do I do? If I still have everyone’s attention…

Tell the kids to vote? Yeah, but for who?

Tell them to stay in school? Right-O! But who’s going pay for that? The ARMY???

Today…was a rough day, I’m really at a loss to beg kids not to join the military, because what options can I offer them?


Blogger Billychic said...

You are in such a corner there...I think you are such a valuable entity to these kids.

No snacks? Pissing in their pants? I want to be there.

You so have it right about the papers to shuffle - it always seems that these fuckers use whatever smoke and mirrors they can to hide the truth: that they could give a shit about the people that they are supposed to be helping.

11:39 AM  

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