Sunday, March 02, 2008

Macbeth and Ghost on Fire at Theatre Row: Produced by Oberon Theatre Ensemble

Oberon Theatre Ensemble has just one week more of our Winter 2008 Rep Season!

Our plays this season are Macbeth directed by Phil Atlakson, and Michael Weller's Ghost on Fire directed by Eric Parness. Both are at The Lion Theatre at Theatre Row - 410 West 42nd Street, west of 9th Ave.

Purchase Tickets from Ticket Central
by phone (212) 279-4200 or online or at the box office.

The price of a ticket is $20 - what many of us spend for a couple of cocktails. Come on out and support a great theatre company that's been around for 11 years...and you get a chance to see some great showcase theatre!!!

Please check out for dates/times


Blogger Bitchy Actress said...

I saw both shows and I'm really, really proud of you, kiddo. Your bf did a great job in Ghost, btw.

Macbeth was really interesting - definitely worth seeing if only for the cool dancing and music. Something different. Gotta tell you, though, that kid who played Malcolm SUCKED. What does he do, just tv acting? Soaps?

But the actor who played Banquo was great, as was your Macduff...The Macbeth was's a hard role to play.

The Lady M was an interesting choice. Definitely NOT what I would have picked - but she held her own.

Gotta say the best part about Ghost on Fire was the old black guy - he was amazing...the whole play is good, but he made the show. He also plays in Macbeth as Duncan, too, right?

Nicely done. Now get your ass on stage and leave this Stage Managing bullshit to somebody who can't act.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Cadaverous Nun said...

Hey! You're back!
Tell you what...when you're IN something, I'll fly out from Cali.

Read the email I wrote you and write me back, btw.

I posted something...did you see?


2:43 PM  
Blogger Cadaverous Nun said...

Oh, I see you were listed in the New York Times? You must be happy about that!

Good for you.

2:48 PM  

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