Friday, June 26, 2009

What a Sad Day: RIP Farrah and Michael

Growing up born in the 70's, Farrah Fawcett made my youth so much fun thinking that I might get to be cool like her; like a Charlie's Angel.

Then, in the 80's, Thriller was the most awesome album, I played it over and over; every time I made a mixed tape off the radio, it always had something from either Michael Jackson or The Police on it.

Today was such a surreal day as I got ready for my Pride party for my theatre company and worked on reviews and various tasks for my theatre life. In the midst of it, came news reports of first one death...and then, as I was about to talk out the door to The Cubbyhole, came news about Michael Jackson.

At the club, people were sad, but the joy of the man's music turned what could have been a maudlin time into a celebration of Michael. Tunes from his whole life were played all night long, and the entire club would sing along. Gone were the talks of his problems with the law and alleged scandals and eccentric behavior. We just remembered him as the great musician he was.

Many of us were saddened that his death almost stole Fawcett's thunder away...but we knew she was going, it was just a matter of time. Nobody saw Jackson passing like this.

There are people that I remember when they died - and where I was when it happened. When Sam Kinnison died, I was sitting on a couch in my apartment in college in Oxford, MS, and was in the midst of trying to bum a smoke off of somebody, when the news hit and we were stunned. When Allen Ginsberg and Jerry Garcia and Jimmy Stewart and Miles Davis passed away...moments in time came to a brief halt...going in slow motion.

I'll remember today for the two passings, but also for the celebration of Pride and my theatre company; and I'll also look back on this day because all of it touched me.

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