Wednesday, December 13, 2006

To pee or not to pee

I, like most people, go into the bathroom to, well, do my business.

Today I went in, closed myself in a stall and had to listen to someone’s telephone conversation. From another stall. And it wasn’t just her part of the discussion I heard, I was subjected to the whole damn thing. See, she had a Nextel and had it on speaker. Lucky me.

So I had to go but didn't want to share the sounds with the unknown person on the phone.

Wait – aren’t I in the right place to do this? Why do I feel like I’m intruding on their privacy when they're the ones who should be apologizing to the bathroom patrons?!

Picture this… sounds in the ladies’ room…
“Girl, you should have seen it. Tasha was acting so stupid.”
Muffled, fuzzy response. FLUSH (from a third stall)
“Yeah, her guy was there. She was hanging all over him and…” water running at the sink.
FLUSH (from another stall)

“You’re shitting me!”

Oh come on. When did it become acceptable to talk on the phone in the bathroom? Don’t we deserve a break from the phone to do what we need? When did the phrase “let me call you back” disappear from our vocabulary?

Do other people really need to hear me go to the bathroom?

Apparently it’s not just women who do this.

My friend David had a similar experience. He went to the men’s room and went into a stall since he’d recently had surgery and needed to change the bandage. As David was working on his bandages, a guy walked into the men’s room chatting loudly on his cell. From what could be heard, the guy was trying to close a sale. David made every effort to be obnoxious – flushed the toilet multiple times, coughed, sneezed, blew his nose – and it worked. The person on the other end much have heard… the guy on the phone told the person at the other end that someone in the office was fighting a bad flu and got out of the bathroom very quickly.

Just give me a few minutes -- I’ll call you back.


Blogger Billychic said...

Oh my god! That's hilarious! (both stories)
That has happened to me, and it is so annoying!
The only time I wasn't pissed off by it was one time a girl was getting blown off by a guy on the phone and was trying to talk to him...I felt so bad for her. I was sitting in a stall doing my business and she was crying on the phone.
I was way more annoyed with the asshole on the phone who was being mean to her, than her.

Besides, my life has been sucking so bad lately, I'm becoming one of those people who like to hear the turmoil of others because it makes me feel better.
Now THAT's sad.


11:46 AM  
Blogger poet said...

i have read a similar story on a blog page a while back. i believe i made a comment to the effect that it was rude (for everyone concerned) to use the phone in the toilet ..public or private). being a call center agent, i have heard callers doing everything from taking a pee, to taking a bath, to taking other things...which i hang up on. now, i am all for multitasking, but this is a bit too far, in my humble opinion.
have a good weekend. poet.

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Sonja said...

AAAArrrgghh! The damn cell phone is an electronic leash! I refuse to carry mine anywhere. It sits in my car in case of emergency.
I like the guy obnoxiously flushing the toilet over and over. Since you can't get people to be considerate, you have to make it hard for them to bother you. Some loud farting and retching would also have been appropos.

9:55 PM  

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