Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Realized Something...

I've realized something. Women are content with their current status in society. I mean we pretty much have the same equal status in the workplace as men plus paid maternity leave plus we’re not expect to do any work that’s really that hard, like moving furniture or laying concrete, stuff like that. We’ve got whole departments in Universities dedicated to studying nothing but us, the spotlight is on us, we totally rock.

We rock so much that we can do anything men can do. We can be firefighters, we can be police officers, we can be soldiers, hell we can even be cagefighters (in some states). So a bunch of women get together to take the firefighters test back in the 80’s and EVERY SINGLE WOMAN FAILED THE TEST. Of course they sued the city and the city had to drop the standards of the test drastically or else be accused of discrimination. I’ll be fair, allegations showed that the test was slanted against the women, but most of those women were five freaking feet tall. I mean hey there’s five foot tall male firefighters, there’s nothing wrong with being five feet tall, as long as you can carry the average victim who is about 5’10” and 140-160lbs to safety, which is in the job description.

The Police Department was a bit more stingy on rules, they only dropped standards for the women at first. The women got angry and sued for discrimination, why should their standards be the only one’s lowered and why should their standards be lowered at all? The Police Department partially won the case citing that the standards were necessary for the job, but still had to drop standards for male candidates as well as females candidates and ended up dropping female standards even lower. The women lost their case because scientists claimed that it was physically impossible for a woman to be as strong as a man, hence their standards will always have to be half to 70% of what the male standard is, period, no arguments. So when the cities forced Police Departments to drop standards for male candidates as well as female candidates, they had to drop female candidate standards anyway. All because we wanted equality. Wow.

Then when the Military found itself the next one on the liberal feminism hit-list, it held its ground. It’s the freaking Military, they jump out of perfectly good airplanes and do pushups to get their food, in fact it’s rumored that in order to join Delta Force, you have to go into the wild in wintertime, kill a wolf and bring back it’s pelt (or wait that could have been a movie I saw involving Spartans). Our Military is the most hardcore organization on the planet, so it would not be intimidated by the itty-bitty ACLU. Wrong. The world’s greatest military was punched in the nuts and kicked in the kidneys because it didn’t only have to let women in, it had to let them practically get away with murder. Male candidates have to do at least 17 pushups to get into the Army, women only have to do, get this, 3. 3! And on top of that, the Military has to train them with the men, which would be great if they were actually made to keep up with them, but Drill Instructors were sued when the women couldn’t handle the yelling and hence the use of the “blue cards” was implemented in Basic Training (ask a soldier what a blue card is). To this day, the military has outlasted all of its civilian counterparts and maintained at least some of their dignity and high standards. Some of those Generals who fought and made their name in wars like Viet Nam would point M16’s at the liberals before sacrificing the integrity of their Unit’s to drop standards just “to be fair.” The Marines are still battling integrated basic training and have held on, and to this day, there are no women in combat arms. Congrats Uncle Sam, you ole’ hard-charger you.

It would seem that there is really no place a woman can go to be equal to a man and it would seem that it is scientifically impossible to anyway. However, women will find equality in the most unlikely of unheard of Government Agencies…

The US Forest Service, believe it or not, has some of the most elite firefighters in the world on its payroll. They’re Wildland Firefighters, they get dropped off in the middle of the brush with nothing but a handtool and 2 days worth of supplies and put out the really big, dangerous forest fires you see on TV. It is a given that somewhere around five of them will die each year in the US. If that aint combat, I don’t know what is. What makes the Forest Service so cool is that before women could join Los Angeles FD and fight house fires, they could be Wildland Firefighters. To this day, the only standard the Forest Service has for its crew’s is that they be able to do the work. It’s the responsibility of the Crew’s Captain to make sure their entire team is up to the physical level that the job requires. That means the crews PT together, and no one gets left behind, and if someone just can’t keep up after a certain amount of training, sorry, you gotta go because you’re a very real safety hazard.

Well hot damn these Firefighters are cool, how come they haven’t come under the same BS that the other cool agencies have? My honest opinion, probably because no one really knows about them that much, I mean it’s the Forest Service, don’t they like manage national parks or something? Most people associate the Forest Service with getting tickets from Park Rangers more than they associate it with one of the toughest jobs on the face of the planet. But the truth is that there are women in these jobs and they are hitting it up punch for punch with the men.

Same with the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard has never been exclusive. When the Rescue Swimmers were founded, they were founded without gender restrictions, which they were able to get away with because they were under the Department of Homeland Security and not the Department of Defense like the rest of the Military Branches. They took the Air Force Commando Program and founded the Aviation Survival Tech (Rescue Swimmer) School and a few years later, the first girl joined the ranks. No Lowered Standards. The Army Salvage Divers have one standard. 40 pushups, 6 pullups, and timed 500 meter swim. You will not find ANY gender references in their code AT ALL, ANYWHERE.

To be completely honest, it’s not just these two agencies, there are capable women everywhere, in all walks of life, in every branch of the military, in every office of government, desk job, manual labor job, in the private sector, who are completely capable and even outdo their male counterparts. However, because of the majority of women in the world either being unable or unwilling to climb to the level they have attained, the majority of the world thinks that the only job a woman can outdo a man in is a hand job.

Just look on Youtube. Girls are strong now. Girls are fighters now. Girls fight and die and kill in combat now. Women were always able to become the President, but now it’s actually a reality and not just a bar joke. There are things that make a man and a woman different, but physical strength is quickly starting to not be one of them. Maybe that’s why society seems to be threatened by it, it’s quick. We all know how eagerly society accepts change with open arms (yeah right).

As for the more well known agencies. The City Fire Department, the Police Department, The Military, they are plagued by women (and men) who are little more than excess baggage. But in their ranks, there are many capable women who highly exceed their standards, yet they are so overlooked either because there are so few of them or they just get lost in the masses. I met an Olympic Swimmer who got turned down for the SEAL program just because she was a woman. They say if they let one woman in, they have to let them all in, and all those worthless women would only have to do 3 pushups to get into the SEAL program.

Here’s what I propose. If women want these jobs so bad, and they don’t want the double standards, why don’t they all just max the male standards? If the men have to do 75 pushups, then do 75 pushups. If the men have to hit x amount of sales in y amount of time, then do it. Don’t give them a reason to drop standards, and the double standards will go away. If they didn’t have a reason to keep women out of these jobs, they wouldn’t. And I believe they wouldn’t, despite the Old Boys Club, because the Pentagon genuinely flipped out when Congress ordered them to take 16,000 female soldiers off Forward Support Battalions in Iraq. However, many women give them a reason to. If the Police women would have just worked out a little more and passed all the men’s tests with flying colors, the women’s standards would have just faded away with time. This is what the serious women in the Military do anyway. And here’s a secret, men only put down women whom they are able to put down. When a girl can get their back, they welcome her with open arms and you will never find a more supportive group of people than a guys’ team.

However, I recently realized something. Women don’t want to be strong. They don’t want to outdo men. They don’t want to even do the same jobs because then it will be construed that they have to do the same jobs. Lower standards mean easier work, hells yea! More chill time! Who the heck would want to make things harder than they already are? Well now our male co-workers are angry because they have to pick up our slack and they can’t say anything about it or else they get fired. The only thing they can do is not hang out with us, and we even complain about that! All we do is complain that we want equal rights and equal pay, but we don’t want to do the same work for them. We think society should let us kick back a little more because we’re women, and we let scientists go around saying that we’re incapable of kicking back any less than we are. Are we really content with being called incapable?

Yes, I think we are.

I mean am I the only one around here that notices we’re getting stepped on left and right? We’ve gotten to the point socially where most men feel that they can’t have female friends. Men don’t support women because it’s seen as being weak. Well, maybe if we stopped being so goddammed weak, they would start supporting us and start treating us as equals essentially because we would be equals. And furthermore if we were strong, we wouldn’t need their support anyway. But so far everyone just thinks female ambitions of physical or mental strength are, at the most, “cute,” and are never taken seriously. Talk about being self-sufficient. Has Girl Power just become an internet porn term?

But no, the majority of women don’t care. You’re all accountants and sales clerks and waitresses and teachers and mothers and any woman who isn’t is just a dyke or a butch or some trannie who wishes she had a penis. You’re content to do “women’s work,” and dog the girls who aren’t. The most vicious objectors to the woman’s suffrage were women. How typical. How disgustingly typical.

What would make me happy is if there were more strong women, mentally and physically, who weren’t hypocrites and who don’t make it harder for the women who really are trying to make it in this man’s world. If there were enough strong women to push the issue, the issue would be pushed. Moral support is important to individual success, yet in a country where 60% of the population is obese and Depression has been declared an epidemic, I think this is more than just a women’s studies problem, this is a social problem. Personally, I say raise up all the standards and the women who can survive, will, and the rest will wither away and rid society of a generation of weak women. But I’m sure there are gentler methods of dealing with this problem. First I would be happy if we all came together and acknowledged that it is a problem.

I would be happy if there were more support for strong women, which would lessen the social stigma, which would increase the number of women wanting to be strong, which would decrease the number of women who just can’t hack it, or encourage them to start hacking it, and open up opportunities for women that were formerly closed to them. I want every woman to make a commitment to herself that she is going to make an effort to become strong, in whatever way, whether it’s taking more control of her life or losing weight or doing 3 pushups or running a marathon, whatever. Just start becoming stronger in some aspect, that will teach your daughters to be stronger, and then they’ll never let men hit them or male co-workers push them around and they’ll be able to actually do whatever they want with their lives. More support, less lowered standards. Start believing that we can, and furthermore, that we SHOULD.

In regards to this blog, I’ve come to realize that my opinions are not in line with the community here. This is a pop-culture blog, a place to talk about cheating boyfriends and hot movies and how we really need some chocolate sometimes. I’m tired of being the one who “stir’s the pot.” No one’s going to like my movie reviews anyway because most of the movies out now totally suck IMO, and my solution to a cheating boyfriend is a phone call to some Albanian friends, an unmarked van, and black ski masks (oops, I didn’t actually type that). I think maybe I’m a little too intense for this crowd, hey life is about finding your place in the world right, this is obviously not mine. So for my own sanity, I won’t be writing here anymore.

If for some strange, insane reason you feel compelled to read any more of my political controversies, flame me over at my blog: http://www.iamnotbitterbut.blogspot.com


Blogger Billychic said...

Well, Nikki, we wish you well - thanks for all the posts you have contributed. It's been a pleasure and enlightening.

It's too bad that you seem to have taken offense to my support and compliments to your writing - "stir the pot" was meant as a compliment...because your approach in your writing on here has been more "in your face" and telling other women that the majority of them are Beaver Cleaver wimps who want an equality handout and they suck. One of your Original posts on here started off with "I think my point of view may not be popular..." (I paraphrase, I don't have the post in front of me)...but your ability to speak your mind regardless of who you piss off is admirable.

That said, there is a difference between speaking your mind and blatantly telling all of us that we suck, or that we are all wimps, including the writers on this site, more or less. I agree with your opinions about physical tests of endurance and saying that women should do the same as men if they intend to be a firefighter or any other profession that requires those physical requirements - I agree completely.

But I suppose your choices to go to other women's blog sites and leave a comment calling them "fat asses" and then refer to them on here in your blog the same way because they don't want to do a pull-up; or thinking that because we talk about other things than how much MOST women just suck and would prefer to not have equality because they work the same job as a man and want to be paid the same, yet can't quite cut a one-armed push-up and don't want to do it...does indeed perhaps make this the wrong place for you to write.

We get ornery about something (hence the title of the site), or we have opinions, or we want to vent about issues that are important to us; and some of us want a place to share what's going on in our lives so this isn't just a forum for complete anger and negativity. But this is site is also meant to entertain the readers while we vent - that was my original intention with starting it - not tell them that they suck. But it doesn't mean that we don't get bitter, or that we don't want to kill our ex-boyfriends either at times; it just means that if we do write about it, we do so with the understanding that we can write in a fashion that will express our opinions without completely alienating our audience.

I wish you well and will continue to link to your page - and I hope that life experience makes you realize that not all of us ladies are wimpy and that many of us do want equality, we just happen to find it in other ways than you. But your opinions are admirable and they are important.

Take Care,
aka Diánna

12:07 PM  

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