Friday, September 05, 2008

&#)$*!@ Web Design

I'm taking an online web design class and all I can say to those who LOVE it is Kudos to you! I want to be you and understand and love everything about it.

But I don't.

I'm in week 3 of a 6 week adult ed class and have had enough with the random spaces and quotation marks in HTML.

Let me explain why I'm actually taking this. My job is to set up training classes for the military and emergency response personnel worldwide. Never a dull moment for me. Anyway, part of what i do is ensure that some of our classes are posted on our website. I do this my emailing my stuff to the nice guy in Germany who controls the data and information that is actually displayed.

Ok, so during my annual review, my manager asked how I enjoyed that portion of my job (as a computer geek/programmer & chemist himself, he adores all the techy stuff like this). I remember clearly telling him I liked it but didn't quite know how the German guy added the info on the site. And voilá! It was included in my review.

Please don't get me wrong. I love learning new things and usually jump at the chance for a challenge. But since my job is extremely involved and detailed I am thrilled to have the guy who is a web designer to do that part of my job. But taking a class in Web was not something I truly wanted to do... creative stuff is NOT my forte. Actually, thinking about it, I don't really have a creative bone in my body. I admire those who do. I know I'm good at keeping things organized and making sure things and people are where they should be at exactly the right time and not at anything creative.

But I digress.

Though we have a local state school not far from me, when I received our small town listing of adult ed classes, I was thrilled they offered "Intro to Web Design". My boss approved it and off I went.

It was cool at first. I get the starting points of html and head and body and making sure things are closed (like this but not in this order /html and /head and /body). My challenge comes when doing a string of tags where my fingers immediately hit the stupid space bar and then I create unknown tags like bg color rather than bgcolor.

NOTE FOR YOU WEB PEOPLE: I can't put these in the proper brackets since I'm adding this post to (you guessed it) a web site and they don't show up in my post if I do. sigh

Sounds minor but it's driving me INSANE!!!!

I read through the material and ace the quizzes for each lesson. Then I do my damnedest on the affiliated assignments. I work hard and double check everything. Every fucking keystroke. And without fail, I miss a whole shitload of things. It's driving me absolutely BONKERS!


With all this bitching and moaning, I should mention that I am definitely learning something. I realize that slowly I am learning the codes and what they do. But I'm also learning that though this is very cool I am not meant for this field. This is where people like you, JS, come in and can do absolutely amazing things with interactive games.

In the meantime, I'll get through the next 3 weeks of classes and hope that I'm still able to chug my way along and actually do something the instructor will find acceptable. And then beyond that, try to find a way to avoid taking "Web Design II: Creating Your Own Website".


Blogger Metabolic Karma said...

Oh, man, I can dig it. I have a tough time trying to do any kind of destop publishing for my job, but I try to get creative and want to make a website for myself and maybe do a podcast of some kind and go off on all the obnoxious people in NYC (but I can do that here!)

But I really can't seem to grasp the concept of making the code for everything. I end up jumbling it up. And I'm supposed to be working in a field that's really creative (at times) and I know that I could advance if I knew more!

It's so hard...don't be so hard on yourself. Oh, and hooray for the little one - read your other post and you must be thrilled! Congratulations! Maybe with what you learn you can make a page for your child!



1:24 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Hi BlueChick, this is Amanda from I am emailing you to let you know you are a winner of the Flaunt It Giveaway on my site. Please send me the size and address you want it shipped to. thanks

5:07 PM  
Blogger BlueChick said...

Just a note... i didn't enter a contest on Amanda's site.

8:04 PM  
Blogger Dianna said...

Arrrrgh! Good luck with the coding. It's so damn hard...but once you learn how to code, you can put it in perspective that it's another language - so, if you're good at languages, maybe that helps?

Hm...Looks like we done got spammed (haha) by this Mommy Mandy thing - and here I was allowing it to post so you'd see it and go get your winning. You might go by and demand to get your prize - tell them to just send you cash to paypal instead.

(Billychic being too lazy to switch emails)

10:16 AM  
Blogger Cadaverous Nun said...

Don't feel bad. I had to have my friend's kid (he's like 12?) show me how to do half the things on my computer that I'm doing now.

Did I feel old or what? Hahaha

Sucks we get spammed on here - Billy, you should have taken that down.


11:40 AM  

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