Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Contributors, Blogrolls and Such

I'd like to take a moment to direct your gaze to the right side of the screen. One thing you will see is a list of the fabulous contributors of this groovy (ahem) blog; women who are a collection of extremely intelligent, opinionated and sometimes hilarious writers and thinkers.

Another thing you will find is a rapidly growing blogroll of sites. Please visit these sites. Some of them are the websites and alternate blogs of the writers on here. Some of them are other sites that have simply caught our interest and I think should be shared and deemed, truly, AWESOME.

If you mosey on down, you'll see a separate blogroll for BloggerChicks. Please check that out. There are some GREAT blogs on there, really awesome women, and I always have a great time reading them. Some of them visit our site often and are much appreciated.

Please feel free to leave kind comments and make yourself known - we dig comments (constructive and pleasant) and always are looking for groovy folks to add to our blogroll.

All the Best,

Ornery Woman in Residence


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