Friday, August 01, 2008

The Bitch's Brew

I just wanted to direct your attention to this lovely blog site:
The Bitch's Brew.

I'm having a really, really shitty day at work today (actually, you know what, folks? It's been a rough few months) and when she popped by the other day and made a couple of comments on a few of our writers' posts, I had to go check her out.

I. Love. Her.

Plain and simple: God Bless Us Bitches, Every One.
Honestly...from her great writing, to her sense of was a joy.


PS - Ms. Jezebel, if you happen to read this, I have no way to contact you, but would be honored if you'd shoot me an email and join our clan as a guest blogger -- a rant here and there whatever you'd like would be DELIGHTFUL. If not, then we shall admire you from afar...and look forward to when you come visit us again.


Blogger just a girl... said...

I freaking love you guys.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Pand0ra Wilde said...

Jezebel's my favorite bitch--I hope she does join us :)

3:06 AM  
Blogger Jezebel said...


In the immortal words of Sally Field, "You like me! You really like me!"

Now where's my fucking award????!

Seriously, I'm honored! Now where do I sign up?

By the way, if it wasn't for Pandora contacting me about this post, I would have never known that my shit don't stink! Thanx Pan, love!!

Billy, I'm really glad you like my blog and that I helped cheer you up at!

5:59 AM  
Blogger Billychic said...

It really did. You get the Sally Field award, we'll just use pantomime.

Awesomeness! I'm stoked!!!

Just shoot me an email at the OW at gmail (mentioned on the side over yonder), and I'll actually remember my gmail password this time, and CHECK the freaking email account...and send you a formal "blogger invite." etc etc...

Ms. pand0ra wilde - we miss you and would love to hear from you too!!!

Actually, I miss lots of us gals - we need to get writing again...myself included. I'm the ultimate shitbag because I started this site and haven't written anything in forever.

Hooray for the power of the know what I mean.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Billychic said...

ust A Girl: We love you too, for coming by and being a rockstar.

Good luck with the lottery tickets! Everyone should go by her blog and wish her luck - she bought lottery tix and hey...we could all use a little luck.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Bitchy Actress said...

Can I get in on this lovefest?

I checked out The Bitch's Brew site, and the woman is brilliant. What fun!

Hope you join this site, and I'm looking forward reading more of your posts - and everyone's, actually. I love Pand0ra Wilde - the woman is a cat me. And she is a craftster - with attitude.

Billy, nice job on the Carlin RIP. I promise to post something this week. I have BRILLIANT, brilliant I tell ya, ideas during the day...and then they go poof. Like me after too much coffee and burritos.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Jezebel said...

Thanx Bitchy Actress! I'm in!

Pan is awesome. Some of the shit she comes up with leaves me almost peeing in my panties!y

9:31 PM  

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