Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fare Thee Well, Nikki!

We say goodbye to Nikki, who has contributed some insightful and intense articles on this blog site, but who, as per her final entry here on the site a few down, seems to feel that she doesn't jive with the others on here. We have lost some other people either due to time commitments, difference in opinions, or due to their cover being blown and some will be joining again at a later date, perhaps under a different name.

But I suppose that in starting this site, I wanted to make it a place for women to vent, while still being able to also have the option to just talk about important things going on in their lives. Perhaps this site isn't "Ornery" enough for certain people...or the writers.

Either way, I also don't want to alienate the blogging community and have this site labeled as a bunch of cunty writers who go to other women's blogs, leave comments that are somewhat insulting (calling them fat, etc), and then use this blog as a launch-pad for a rant on them or their philosophy. There is differing in opinion and writing about it - and then there is just lashing out. There are blogging meter sites out there that, unfortunately, link my name to the blog as the sole author, so when a post is written it says "Billychic wrote: ____"...and yes, I don't want to be responsible for certain posts that I think are too negative and draw negative attention to this site.

I want to entertain our readers as well as educate them, if possible, and I hope that all of the writers on this site share my opinion. I know that many of them do. However, writers on here have a responsibility to remember that they are representing this blog when they leave rude comments elsewhere and decide to expound on said comment...and if they wish to do so they can write that particular entry on their own blog. This doesn't necessarily apply to things like politics, etc - for that can get heated, and its supposed to; however, I would hope that we could all maintain a sense of decorum when we write - or leave comments on other writer's sites. The same way that I wouldn't allow a post that represents bigoted and racist rants (which I tell writers when they join) I also don't want us to write inflammatory material that alienates everyone completely. We can complain...we can even go tell someone from our personal lives to go get fucked. I do it quite often. But it seems to defeat the purpose of writing about how most women are such assholes...when this is a woman's site.

So, we wish Nikki all the best, and if you wish to read her writing, which I recommend you do, you can check her site:


Blogger Bitchy Actress said...

Christ, thank God.

She's a good writer, but I swear I honestly couldn't tell if she was pro- or anti- women? Really, through one side of her mouth she's saying "We can be equal!" through the other she's constantly bitching that unless we're out fighting fires, rowing with men instead of women, or doing the same fitness campaigns, that we're all a bunch of lazy asses who deserve to get a smaller paycheck.

I am still convinced she is being paid by The Man to show us all up. LOL -
And I think she was kind of rude to you, always put up with her nearly psychotic rants (some of them where fine, but some were just ridiculous) and let her post them and then she turned on you. I don't know why you're linking to're the moderator.

Meanwhile...back at the ranch...nice little review over at the other site. You should post that.

~ Meow

9:29 PM  
Blogger Metabolic Karma said...

Oh well...

That's too bad. She was an interesting girl. I think we're all just too old. LMAO
We probably were just like that when we were her age, but are too OLD & CRUSTY to remember.

BA - you're just Bitchy!

1:24 PM  

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