Friday, May 26, 2006

Faye Dunaway and JD's Willie Wonka: Separated at Birth?

As pointed out by, what the fuck happened here?

Is it just me or is she trying to look like Johnny Depp as Willie Wonka? Actually, he looks a little less freaky (okay, well, I think he's hot anyway and would do him if he was dressed like Michael from Halloween, so what the hell).

Sad, sad state of affairs. What a beautiful lady, what a tragedy. What the hell; when I'm in my 60's and my tits are hanging down to my kneecaps and I have more lines on my face than a runway strip, I suppose the wonders of plastic surgery will sound appealing, too. This is really a scene out of Brazil, though; I mean, she shouldn't just slap the doctor who did this to her, she should slap his mother for having given birth to him.

Can we all have a moment of silence for a woman who looks so fucking scary that even Michael Jackson is breathing a sigh of relief because someone looks worse than he does?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Faye Dunaway looks pretty good. But that photo with that dreadful surprise/smile is not flattering at all. However, remember when everyone said that Johnny Depp looked like Michael Jackson when the movie Willy Wonka came out? Well, I thought he looked like Faye Dunaway (same hairdo she had in Chinatown). Did you know the two are good friends?

9:05 AM  

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