Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Race, gender, and the employment status of wastrels

I would be.....and have been....the first to condemn bigotry of any kind, particularly when it comes to employment and education, and I'd also be....and have been.....the first to admit that it's all too prevalent nowadays. It doesn't take a master sociologist to realise that in a city as diverse as New York, some companies simply could not keep their employee populations as homogenous as they are without having a Nazi, Black Panther, or radical feminist doing all their hiring. A help wanted ad may be placed in a newspaper without racial or gender specifications, but all too often, half the poor fools showing up at the doorstep, résumé in hand, will be turned away simply for being the wrong colour or possessing the wrong set of genitalia. I must say I do feel sorry for these people.

But then there's the rest of them.

Some folks should just get it through their nuts that they're not unemployed because they're white, black, male, female, or an asexual being from the planet Tapioca. They're unemployed because they're fucking wastes of space and oxygen. They're nasty. Sometimes they're also really ugly and they often possess the worst personal hygiene the Western world has ever seen. They're stupid. They don't like to work, don't usually bother to work, and even on the rare occasion when they do work, they do everything arsewards anyway, because they're totally fucking incompetant. And whenever anyone else dares point out any of the above to them, or admonish them for being useless, capital-sapping eyesores, they get even snarkier and ruder than usual and somebody's forced to bash their faces in with a stapler.

These are people nobody wants to hang around for free. So what the hell makes them think anyone's going to pay to see them day after day?

Answer? Nothing.

This kind of person knows all too well the real reason why they're not working, and most of the time, they don't feel very bad about it. But then, someone dares ask them to explain, and they have to make something up.

In the olden days, it took a bit of creativity on the part of the lazy shit to invent a reason, and they all seemed to claim that either the Masonic order or some fraternity or country club was behind it all. But now, with unemployment on the rise, the racial and gender awareness of the American public as it is, and the terms 'affirmative action', 'reverse discrimination', 'ageism' and 'quotas' household names, even the meagre creative juices of these assholes have been allowed to dry up.

And not only that, but now instead of just mumbling an explanation and dropping it, they can expound on the injustices of the system for hours and hours and hours and hours and.....then it really begins to get on your nerves.

So here's the deal. I know what it's like to be discriminated against. I'm very young-looking, female, gay, and 'foreign'. I have medical and psychological histories that could choke a horse, I'm a mother, and I have absolutely no solid connections to anyone in power. No matter how conservatively I wear my hair or how expensively I dress, I unfailingly look like an incompetant airhead. But I've also never had to take my non-lice-infested, semi-literate, white immigrant girly ass to Burger King to apply for a job flipping burgers. Any position I've been turned down for has been fairly competitive, and the people in charge (no matter how much I bitched and complained) could get away with being picky, and could even be a bit bigoted without being too blatant about it. However, the last time I checked, Pathmark hired everybody of legal age and immigration status (and even some not) who applied to stock their shelves and pack their bags. Skin colour never seemed to matter too much to old Ronald McDonald. And I've always seen an equal number of she's and he's doing cafeteria duty at the hospital.

I cannot take seriously the claim of a loud, obnoxious Irishman that he suffered reverse racial discrimination at the hands of the management of a building he applied to for a job as a doorman when the head honcho and the super were a Mc and an O, and every current doorman in the place had a brogue you could slice with a knife. I also have a bit of trouble believing a black girl was turned down simply for being a black girl....for a position as a cashier in a fast-food joint in one of the blackest neighbourhoods in the Bronx.

I've heard a claim from a young lady who barely had the grades to get out of high school that Hunter College, a CUNY school with a reputation for being both diverse and vehemently feminist (oh yes, and a minimum 1000 SAT requirement), turned her down because she was female, and another from a Puerto Rican chica who wasn't too fond of going to class or buying required textbooks that she was being chucked out of medical school because she was Hispanic.

If you believe any of these tales, I've got a bridge to sell you.

Nobody's going to debate an claim of discrimination these days, at least not to the face of the accuser, for fear of being politically incorrect. But let's face know it as well as I do.....some individuals are just being turned down for new jobs for the same reason they were let go from their previous positions....not because they're a certain race, too old, or whatever, but rather, because they're just substandard human beings. And that isn't politically incorrect. It's simply good business sense.


Blogger BlueChick said...

Your post is wonderful! My husband is black and I've never heard words like "I didn't get the job because I'm black." In fact, when he heard something like that from one of his sisters, he really let her have it. He told her- "Face it: You can't find a job not because of your backgound but because you aren't looking You're lazy." Which kicked her in the ass and motivated her to start looking. After being without a job for 10 months. but at least it worked.

Incompetance does not make an employer what to hire someone.

3:49 PM  

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