Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ideal Body Weight? Maybe Not What You Think.

I recently came across a site that offers an alternative to "ideal body weight" calculators - you know the ones: they make you feel like a cow if you aren't categorized into a specific weight on a chart according to your height.

They don't take into consideration things like people's body frames, bone structure, age...and a bunch of other factors.

Sure, I would look like a waify-thin model "stamp of approval" if I were to try to get back down to the 112 that I was when I was 25 (when people were telling me that I was a little too thin and I would smile smugly and my mother clucked with approval because her daughter was finally not fat anymore) - but would I look hot at 130 or 135? You bet I would. I've had some of the best sex and felt great about myself when I've been at that I have no problem being there.

The site I'm talking about is The People's Choice Ideal Weight Body Formula that was created by a doctor who compiled averages from an Australian survey about what they thought their ideal weight would be. There is a chart that offers a more realistic view of perhaps what an ideal weight should be...especially as someone gets a little bit older.

Not that I'd be upset being below 120 again...but I think that something like this should be available to people (especially 30 and over) so they don't try to starve themselves into next month...which is what Roisin Rua has touched upon many times.

I know several of us on here are battling some kind of eating disorder - be it eating too much or too little...and I sure as hell wish that there were more realistic models like this out there more often.

Like those groovy Dove commercials. Yo, those women have a little flab and they are HOT. Absolutely beautiful Venus on the Halfshells...


Blogger thordora said...

oh, that's better. I hate thinking I need to drop half my body weight (not that I'd mind) and I get lost in all the "demands"

It's hard enough trying to retrain my stomach...

11:19 AM  

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