Saturday, July 07, 2007

To all my ladies

Ladies, we all know what us women really think of men. And I am certainly no exception to rule: all men are pigs! With this mindset, at least speaking for myself, I find it a steep up-hill climb to conquer the world of dating. At least 99.7% of the men I've dated have turned out to be the jerkiest people on the planet. I especially loathe those assholes who play their victims like a fiddle: on the first meeting they say all the right things to make a woman feel special enough that they should have fatefully met them at the moment through those certain people or circumstances. And then on the first date they spend money for all the right moves, make reference to all the right moves and then sucker their vicitims into a woman's most vulnerable spots. Only then, after the damage has been done and men have gotten what they wanted out of the date (sometimes sex, sometimes other things), do those 99.7% of assholes out there never call again.

But I'm not writing today on a sour note. In fact, I'm writing on the complete opposite side. Yesterday I happened to have been blessed to experience a most wonderful date with one of the .3% honest men left on this earth. I can without a doubt admit that the day was absolutely perfect in every way, shape and form. And in observation, I discovered that maybe this .3% are either clearly overlooked way too often and or they hide in places us women don't always look to. Think of it this way, where is the most popular place for two single people in our modern society to meet? Answer: The bar. A place where our consciousness gets placed on the backburner at the door only to consume massive amounts of alcohol in order to keep ourselves relaxed in crowded social environments. Not always a smart move by both sexes. Easy enough, I did not find this .3% member in a bar.

As much as I would like to spit out the details about this fateful date, I still have to play cautiously. It was, afterall, the first date and I could have easily been yet agian side-swiped unexpectedly from another diguising asshole of America. But I if you must know true facts feel free to contact me privately.

In short, Ladies, it's true: nice guys always finish last. As much as I have enjoyed, and still do to some extent, complaining about the dumbfounded male species I am also so glad I experienced a true gentlemen. I didn't think they existed anymore; I've always wondered whatever happened to chilvary! But yesterday I was clearly re-introduced to an idea I've long been waiting to witness. Chivalry does exist in this world but it hides timidly in the shadows of unexpeted places. So don't lose faith my fair ladies.


Blogger Billychic said...

At first I thought this was just going to be a RAWR blog going off on dudes - and well deserved at times, too, I might add; however I'm happy to see that there is a silver lining here my dear!

Yay! Best of luck - keep me updated..


11:33 PM  
Blogger Bitchy Actress said...

Aw...nice guys don't always finish last - we can't tell them that, or else they'll give up and all be assholes.

A lot of them do...but then again, the same could be said for women, too.

I find chivalry exists in bathrooms. Most of my most meaningful experiences have been in highway, that's chivalry. ;)

11:59 PM  

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