Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Think I'm Online Too Much at Work

I think I finally popped the proverbial "non-work internet usage zit" today, when, after struggling with both Firefox and IE, both suddenly went *POP* and...ceased to be anymore on my screen. No cryptic Windows messages "Firefox had to suddenly close" (uh, no shit, Gates, thanks for much for the heads up) or not-so-cryptic "THE SITE YOU ARE TRYING TO LOOK AT IS BLOCKED BY ____ AND THIS ACTIVITY HAS BEEN NOTED FOR THE RECORD" (uh, holy shit - so much for shopping online at work anymore for sex toys and feather boas) came up; no windows closing in upon themselves like an astrophysicist's wet dream; nothing.
Just a anti-climactic poof and it was gone...and I'm convinced that somewhere upstairs in I.T., the Tools who monitor which worker does what online saw that the computer at my desk was chugging away like the Little Engine That Could as it traveled across the cybersphere...and decided wholeheartedly to shut my ass down.

I suppose I'll just have to tone it down...or, if I get fired, then it will give me a reason to get off my ass and get an acting gig like I should be doing...


Blogger Billychic said...


You are such a goofball. Actually, the same thing happens to me more times than I care to admit...


11:38 PM  

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