Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day! A Day Late, Sorry...

Hey, to all the mother's and wanna-be mothers; to all the women who have pets and know that their dog and three cats (like yours truly) are their children; to everyone who considers themselves a mother - even if it's because you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who can't dress themselves and you feel like you have to do it for them...

I raise a hand and give you a high five, and wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

I would also like to wish my own Mom a Happy Mother's Day...we went out to the movies and had a groovy time. I wrote her a little special something over at, if you care to take a look-see over yonder...

Sometimes women don't get credit when they should (from men & from other women), for raising kids. I know for a fact that my sister-in-law works her ASS off raising four children. Sure, someone could pipe up, "Well, who asked them to have so many kids?" okay...fine. Point for you. But, the fact is, they DID, and she does a damn good job raising those kids.

But then again...I am a little

Hugs to one and all,



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