Friday, May 11, 2007

Abingdon Theatre's The President & Her Mistress: Final Weekend! Go See It!

Rosie and I had a chance to go see The Abingdon Theatre Company's The President & Her Mistress recently, and it was a BLAST.

The time is 150 years into the future: women rule the world (dig it!). Men are considered a threat to civilization and have been imprisoned.

Rebecca Shine is the President of the World; an ex-country-western singer who has hired her family and lover as her Presidential aides and is having second thoughts about the fate of all those men...causing whispers of her impeachment on the horizon...and then there's the issue about the special injections that promise her a fountain of youth - but technology can always get you into trouble...

The set is FABulous - emphasis totally on the FAB. This is a play that doesn't take itself too seriously - and asks that that audience doesn't either. Rosie and I both loved it - and I saw many men in the theatre getting a kick out of it as well, so don't think that it was just a show for the ladies - although chicks will get an extra giggle out of it, no doubt.

Written by Jan Buttram (author of Texas Homos and The Parker Family Circus) and directed by Rob Urbinati, this play is just a hoot n' a half. An extra delight for me was seeing Buttram star in the show. Buttram plays the lead, Rebecca Shine, and does so with humor and grace, playing her character naturally and simply, allowing the script to take her places - not forcing it there. Her style grounds her character and allows the outrageousness of the other characters to run free. I know Jan and have never seen her act, and it was a delight. The show reminded me of Brazil meets Coal Miner's Daughter. lol

If you want an evening to just enjoy some zany theatre and laugh, then I really recommend The President and Her Mistress. This is the last weekend of the show - I meant to post this earlier and left my mind buy your tickets at Smarttix and go have some fun at the theatre! You'll be glad you did.


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