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Feminists Don't Like Nicole, but She Says Hi Anyway

Hello World. Welcome to MY World. My name is Nicole, and I'll be invading your local blogosphere. Put your hands together and welcome me to Ornery Women or else!

I'm just kidding. Glad to be here. Hey, guess what happened to me today...!

So I went rowing today. I'm on an Outrigger Canoe team, we paddle the long 6-seat canoes in the open ocean. Today was the mens practice. I paddled yesterday too, but yesterday was the women's practice, which was hard in it's own way I guess.

Last night the girls workout was 16x5minute pieces, but we only got 10 of them done by 8pm (we started at 6:30pm). That practice was okay I guess, the 6-man team I was with stayed in front the entire practice. My forearms were pretty shot, but I guess anyone's would be after pulling the entire boat for an hour because you are the strongest one there.

Tonight's workout was supposedly the same thing, 16x5min pieces. The only difference is that when the guys say they're doing 16 sets, they're doing 16 sets, and they're getting them all done by 7:30 in time to get home for dinner, period.

They were technically seat-races to see who would sit where during races. We paddled out parallel to the surf for a while towards Malibu, and then they switched me into another boat. I sat seat 2 in that boat, which means that my job was to watch the Stroker in seat 1 who set the pace, and then set the pace for my side of the boat according to him. Our first set back with me in that boat, we flew! We beat out the other 2 boats by almost a full boat length. Then we did it again the next set. And the next set!

So then our head coach paddles over to our boat in his 1-man and says with a big smile "hey Nicole, why don't you forget about the girls team and just stay with us from now on okay." All the guys started laughing and saying "yeah she's one of the boys now." Coach added faciteously "of course I'll probably be the first coach in history to have his team DQ'd for having a girl in the boat." I knew it was all a joke of course, but it was a really good joke.

I'm not the only girl that goes out to the men's practice though. Sometimes a veteran girl will grab a seat in a boat with the guys or follow in a 1man, but that's usually when they miss a practice with the girls. The thing about them is that they always ask if they can come first and thank the guys for letting them paddle with them when they leave. Me, one time I came late for practice and had to go out in a 1-man because the boats already left. Another vet girl grabbed a spot with the dudes and when everyone got back, they all said "Hey Nicole, someone took your spot today."...My spot. I belong there.

People sometimes ask me why I'll opt to train with the men instead of the women. I usually try to say something vague along the lines of "eh, cuz" as if I don't really know, when really I know exactly why.

In my opinion, anything with the word "Women" before it should be systematically removed from our civilization (along with the movie "The Departed" which should be burned it's most atrocious ending). Womens Sports, Womens Lib, Womens Underwear, Womens Rights, all gotta go. Most feminists need to pretty much be lumped into the same category as Eco-terrorists, extremists, and Zealots seeing as they seem to have forgotten what they are fighting for.

Here's what I don't understand. We as women want equal rights, equal pay, equal freedom, but yet we want to be treated as completely seperate and as unequal as possible to men? Therefore we have "Women's Sports" and "Women's Studies" because we supposedly can't hit it up with the men, seperate everything as if men and women were completely different animals.

You know what, Seperate but Equal is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Therefore, "Powerpuff Football" is the biggest insult ever to hit the face of the planet and the Women's Olympic Hockey Team got beat by a high school boys team. All I know is that the women's rowing team and the mens rowing team have the same workout, yet the mens practice is always more intense and more organized. My question: Why don't the girls go hit it up with the guys? The real reason I train with the mens team: The best girl is the worse guy, so I don't want to be the "best girl."

I want more. I want other women to want more. I want other women to work for more. I want other women to WANT to work for more. But instead, feminists fight for lower standards in the workplace which is the real reason why women make 85 cents to a mans dollar...they don't work as much! Feminists seem to think that they have a right to not have to work as much or as hard, that some innate weakness prevents them from it. I call BULLSHIT.

I say let's stop letting Feminazis tell us that we're scientifically inferior to men, that we need accomodation, that we need to be treated "Seperate but Equal," and that studies prove it. Shit, no one ever did a study on me, was I supposed to show up for something? Must have missed the memo. I'm sick of women telling me I'm weak while men tell me I'm strong, and then women saying that men are holding us down! Let's stop letting "women's libbers" slash our pay by lowering standards in the workplace. We can carry our own weight just fine thank you. Don't forget who ran the factories in WWII when the men went off to war. YOU'RE NOT HELPING!

"Oh but there's no way a woman could make it in a man's world without help, all the discrimination, the harasment, the lack of support, men would never accept women as equals." Funny, the guys on my rowing team might disagree. I know there've been a lot of books written on the subject of how to suceed in a men's world. I'll save you some money and tell you the secret: Show up, pull your weight, leave the attitude at home. Do this young grasshopper, and you will be accepted.

Feminism, in my ever so humle opinion, lost its use after women could vote. Now society is pretty much mad at us because everything we want now is accomodations and not "rights." IMO, Screw Women's Rights, I want Equal Rights, and I CAN work just as hard as the boys aight!

So say it loud, say it proud, and mean what you say when you say "GIRL POWER!"


Blogger Billychic said...

Welcome, Nikki, we're glad to have you.

No doubt you pissed some ladies off, and some others cheered. I, for one, although I don't agree with everything you say (hey, I like my Women's underwear and think some aspects of the women's movement were important; I also dig on chivalry in dudes) was cheering - because regardless of how you cut it, your sentiment is still VERY PRO-WOMAN, PRO-GIRL. I agree - I don't want a hand out, I want respect.

And about about rowing with the dudes, I can dig it. That totally fucking rocks. Good for you - and earning your seat with the guys.

11:38 AM  
Blogger mrs lungsquish said...

Great blog Nikki.

The word 'feminist' has so many different connotations (many of them negative, in my opinion) but to me, it means, love being a woman, love the differences between men and women and love being able to equal men in everything they do... because we can. I love to be treated with respect by men AND women and I endeavour to treat males and females with equal respect, in return. I want to be treated equally because I AM equal. For me, it's about having a strong sense of self, regardless of our gender. Viva la difference and all that malarchey. We may be total opposites, sometimes, but men and women really are two sides of the same coin.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Wordstrix said...

I think it's all really complex. And it's hard to be absolutist about everything. Being true to yourself in a society that prefers men over women is important. At least for me. Great post. Welcome.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a great post, but I think you've got a slightly skewered picture of feminists. Most, like you, want to axe the labels. It's the male-brained society that keeps us in our place with, claiming we cannot compete and therefore must be compartmentalized to achieve status. I too, hate gender labels, the word Man and Woman in advertising makes me cringe. It's baby steps, though, kid, we had to fight to get a girl's basketball team, and we'll fight to be on the same teams as they are. It's a long, long struggle, and I'm happy to see feminism, whether you like the word or not, progress with each generation. It ain't the Feminine Mystique anymore, kittens.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Kwame said...

I wonder what your view is when it comes to womens tennis should they get the same amount of money as men but play fewer sets? Is that equality ?

1:00 PM  
Blogger Billychic said...

Kwame, I was wondering who you were directing your question to?

Because I believe if it was to the author of the post, then it seems that no, that isn't what she was saying - she was saying the opposite; she was complaining that the girl's teams throw in the towel much sooner yet they desire the same amount of $ and respect...which I can dig on the concept of the idea, but I think is a generalized statement of how ALL girls teams are.

Oh, cool beans, Nikki - thou hast brought debate and discussion to the site. Yummy.

1:15 PM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

LoL thanx, I'm pretty controversial. Let's see, basically I'm using sports as an analogy, and all I really want is the right to challenge up to the mens team if I want to, they shouldn't legally be able to keep me down because there is a woman's team because "Seperate but Equal" is unconstitutional. But as for Women's Sports in general, no I don't think they should be paid the same if they don't work the same. WNBA doesn't let their girls slam dunk because it loses games too easily, but I'm sure a lot more people would watch them if they did.

12:39 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

Hi ... stumbled across your blog and enjoyed reading this posting.

I really like your "Embrace Diversity" webband. I'm gonna add one to my site, as well.

Have a great day.

12:00 PM  

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