Friday, April 27, 2007


As I told you in a previous post , I am going to be walking with NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness). My goal is to raise as much money as I possibly can, but ultimately, raise awarness. This is the link that you can click on for donations , any amount is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I only have 15 days for fundraising, because we found out about the walk late, but even after the walk is over, my friends and I will continue to fundraise and raise awareness. Thank you for all of your continued support!!!


Blogger Billychic said...

Amber, this is really great!
Please go into some detail...tell us about what NAMI is on here...perhaps in an additional post - and include the links.

I had no idea what NAMI was...
It sounds like a wonderful thing.

Good for you, girl!

~ D

11:50 AM  

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