Thursday, May 10, 2007

Redefining "Chick"

According to Wikipedia:

Chick may refer to one of these topics:

  • A young bird (originally a dialectal form of chicken)
  • Slang an attractive woman (the expression may be seen as derogatory)
Chick, Chica, Mamasita, they basically all mean the same in American Pop Culture. A Chick is a girl, not a woman, a girl. Chick is slightly less empowering than Bitch, almost as insulting, but can ironically double as a compliment. Whatever. But basically Chick is a girl.

Well me and my friends have redefined Chick. Here's what we've come up with:

A "chick" is any person, male or female, who doesn't shoot testosterone. My pals and I are all grapplers and martial artists, so we've been in quite a few athletic circles.

Take my friend Dave for example. Tall, solid, a neck like a gorilla and could probably eat a Russian wrestler for breakfast, plus he's a soldier. He owns a civilian model of an AK47 and almost got in trouble because he lent it to this guy who got arrested for running Hash. Definately NOT a Chick.

My friend Mike on the other hand, small, lean, skinny on the border of scrawny, knees the size of my elbows and elbows like knives, also fast as a whip and a basketball player. He can also do the greatest impression of a gay guy ever, and his sunglasses make him look totally metrosexual in Hollywood. I don't care what color his black belt is (oops) DEFINATELY Chick!

My friend Sid, Hockey player, Construction worker. Looks like kind of an average built guy, but he benches like 300lbs or something! He takes his kids paintballing every week, and ontop of that he used to be a Marine. Mark and I couldn't beat him up together at the same time! Not a chick, that guy definately has rocket fuel for breakfast and Testosterony with sauce for dinner.

Now, my friend Lynn, whose a mother of 2 and an elementary school teacher, lean, strong, former collegiate track star (who ran the freaking 400meter dash), not to mention she's a black belt. She tosses guys who are twice her size and still keeps her ghetto-fab feminine aire. NOT a Chick. That woman's a Man Eater!

My best sparring partner is a guy who is 18 years old, about 5'9-5'10 somewhere around there and 150lbs. He's wirey and squirly and exactly my size and strength, when we grapple we're like the energizer bunny, we just keep going and going and going and it'll take forever before he finally gets me (I tapped him once though!!!). C'mon, most definately a chick.

My friend Tyler though, wrestler, grappler, skater, gamer, definately a chick. Why? Because when he wrestles he wrestles "like whatever" as if he's half asleep and somehow ends up winning purely by accident! WTF lol. His hair is long, he's anorexic (he's a wrestler), he has more shoes than me, he's a complete Divo, knows the world revolves around his left foot. Yup, Chick!

And me, I guess I'm a chick too, as hard as it is to admit (Dammit, I benched 190lbs the other day and my arms are still as scragly as sticks). I'm a walking coat hanger who trips over absolutely nothing because I'm so dang tall. I'm ectomorphic and wirey and slip when I'm trying to act tough and love baby animals. Oh fine, I'm a chick.

Like I said, definition of Chick: Anyone who doesn't shoot testosterone. :)


Blogger Billychic said...

Hmmm...interesting hypothesis.
Well, I certainly fit. I'm a Chick, and I dig it! lol

Never thought about dudes being chicks (except some of my gay friends, whom I refer to as "girlfriend" anyway)...

Some women don't dig the term...I grew up with it, so it's part of my lingo. That's why I'm the Billychic - missing the k at the end only by accident when I first signed online with this name in like '96-'97 or so...and the name just stuck. Otherwise it would be the in Billy-Bad-Ass-Chick. lol

Great post.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

oh you're right that's the posh way to spell it. "chic." :) I think "chic" is the cool way of saying it, like "cool girl" or something. maybe why "chique" is one way to say "cool." lol

6:08 AM  
Blogger Billychic said...

Actually, that was totally by accident. I meant to say "Billychick" when I created the yahoo name in 97, and it was late at night and I missed the "k" key...and hit enter...and then "Chic" forever I

So, I actually became a "chic" by accident, not to sound cool! lol

9:40 AM  
Blogger Metabolic Karma said...

Hey, I think Chicks RULE!

I like the idea of calling a guy a chick, though...hehe

9:43 AM  

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