Friday, May 18, 2007

Yet another hysterical moment as a Teacher.

As exhausting as it can be, I have to say my life as a school teacher is beyond rewarding if only for the giggles.

This past year I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a class of very brilliant eleven and twelve year old girls with a few other homeroom coordinators. Today, I was hanging around at dismissal, amusing myself with the kids. They can actually see the end of the year, and so can I, so I enjoy the hang time with them.

I asked how one of my puppies was: I like to see what’s up in their lives. The more I know about you, the better I can relate to you and teach you. So…anyway, said kid (a ravenous Yankees fan and absolute sweetheart) told me that she was really excited because certain players were batting well and one guy was “off the DL list.”

And I’m like, “DL?” thinking some Yankee player was on the down low and having some hot loving with another player? “What does it stand for?”

I’m already imaging the National Coming Out as a Gay Yankee Day…

“Guess, Ms. Sangrante.” Says my very cool student.

I’m, of course, totally terrorized by own dementia.

“Uh, I dunno, tell me?”

“The Disabled List, Ms. Sangrante.” She’s always real sympathetic when I start to get stupid on her. As I am prone to do when my brain gets rattled by these girls running around me like yapping puppies. I try and correct their grammar, then they correct mine.

I’m so way wrong sometimes it scares me, but it’s ok – they think I’m funny.

(But they’re WAY funnier and TONS more fun!)


Blogger Billychic said...

Gay Yankee Day - Oh god...that would be a game to see. Imagine the wave?

It sounds like your students are so lucky to have you...and you have some really great kids.

But yah - you ARE pretty funny...that's why you're so AWESOME.



12:49 AM  

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