Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Backposted from Bone's Blahg Blahg Blahg 9/9/06:

I've avoided engaging in the blog phenomenon for a while for various reasons. One is a matter of time—having little spare time and not wanting to wile it away in cyberspace. Another is a matter of privacy—most people think I'm hard to get to know, which is true because I don't readily trust anyone in general, much less with my most intimate thoughts and feelings (not to mention the fact that online confessions of even the most innocuous sort could also easily be misused by loved ones, strangers, or authorities). Practicality is another issue since I just re-established a regular journaling habit again last year (a New Year's resolution that I'm proud to actually have kept up with), and I don't want to lose my momentum of physically writing in a journal. Then there's intention and prioritization: who am I journaling for, myself or others, and if it's both, when and what is most appropriate for which audience?

Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah… Which is why I've entitled this, my first ever (in a series of who knows how many), "blahg." Ultimately I think this is a pretty self-indulgent and somewhat mundane activity that may or may not be useful to myself or others—thus the triple entendre of "blahg" (blabber) "blahg" (blah) "blahg" (blog). The funny thing is that, if I do continue to blahg on a semi-regular basis, this might be the most accessible route for even those closest to me to understand/get to know me on a deeper level. Perhaps there's something to be said for the insulation and pseudo-anonymity that cyberspace provides—I have no trouble being honest but being vulnerable… well, my vulnerability might actually be a greater risk for you than me.

Obviously, I'm still blogging and feeling okay about it. I'm honored that my online pontifications have resulted in my recent invitation to become an official Ornery Woman (look for my recent ornery blahg to be re-posted here soon).



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