Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Will You Marry Me...Boy?

My older sister has been waiting 4 years for her boy toy to propose to her, and I keep telling her, but she doesn't listen. Chica should ask him already! But NOOOO girls don't propose to guys, that's like the ultimate in degrading right? I mean a girl is supposed to be "given" away like chattle to a man by her father. If a daughter doesn't take her husbands last name, she takes her father's last name, never having her own identity. Ain't that the way it's supposed to work? Well blow-me-down!

On Orango Island off the coast of Africa, it's the gals who chose their pals.

Heads turn as Olga Agusta Perreira, 18, approaches a group of young men on the island of Orango, off the coast of Guinea-Bissau. In this archipelago of 50 islands of pale blue water off the western rim of Africa, it's women, not men, that choose their husbands.

Apperently what the hipster girls of Orango Island do when they like a boy is bring him a steaming bowl of really well prepared fish, and the boy is powerless to refuse. Wow, imagine that, instead of a useless rock that you wear around your finger, you get a delicious home-cooked meal with spices and herbs and fresh fish! I mean c'mon guys, you're always talking about how it's not about what she looks like, it's about what she cooks like! And not only do women in Orango chose their husbands, they also build their own house out of palm beams and grasses, and only once the house is finished can the marriage be consumated. Man, who'd have known that cooking and cleaning for a woman would be so empowering?

Matriarichal societies apperently still exist in pockets of remote areas around the world, and apperently also the concept of divorce is rarer in those societies! Kinda gives credit to the saying "happy wife, happy life," don't it? But as these traditional societies are being invaded by the modern world, the old ways of life are disappearing. Men chasing after women in these societies is an abomanation in their culture, but its happening more and more frequently, even on Orango Island.

Missionaries who go to these societies leave their "morals and values" there, and according to one local girl, "Protestant church has taught her that it is men, not women, who should make the first move and so she plans to wait for a man to approach her." OH GOD!...why is it always God that screws things up?

Man, all I know is that you boys better watch'aself, cuz imma learn how to make some freaking fish, and if you'll be "powerless to refuse." hehehe.


Blogger Billychic said...

Where's my apron? My spice rack? I gotta get cookin'!
Powerless to refuse indeed...

*cue evil laughter*

Seriously, though - you just made me feel really awesome reading this. Matriarchal societies totally rock.

12:25 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

An awesome post! It's always interesting to read about other societies and social norms. Too bad the one on Orango Island is changing in that direction...

5:00 PM  

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