Friday, May 26, 2006

American Idolatry

One of my favorite clothing sites, Neighborhoodies, really shocked the hell out of me when I gleefully opened my email to see what cool new logos or fonts they had for sweatshirts or tees. What were they so proud to share? Products based around the winner of American Idol, whatshisname.

Repeat after me: I could give a fuck.

Did I miss something? I know that this is a big deal to some people, but I was thinking it was mainly people who never left their homes or who thought that Survivor was the epitome of important television, or folks who thought that Britney Spears was the best performer to come along since the WB Frog.

I had no idea that this show, which basically mocks everyone who has any hope of ever trying to make it in showbiz - at least, the musical end of it; which celebrates some sniveling Aussie with a horrible attitude and probable Erectile Dysfunction as he insults and demeans wave after wave of people; which gives license to has-been poster-people for lithium and AA to decide the artistic fate of people who are hoping that maybe they might be good at one thing in their life before they go home and stick their head in an oven -- I had no idea that this musical beauty pagent was so popular that a hip business like Neighborhoodies would really waste my mailbox space with this bullshit.

I will continue to shop their merchandise because it rocks. However, at least I can rant here about what complete and utter bullshit it is that they devoted a fucking webpage to special shirts with the winner plastered on them.

Simon Cowell is a fucking asswipe who is a completely unnecessary human being. Never in my life, have I seen such carnage, such complete abandon of decency, as exemplified by this prick (possibly with the exception of certain members of our current administration, but that is another rant for another day). Not since the christians were fed to the lions, have people so euphorically stood up and cheered and laughed as people were brought down into the depths of embarassment and misery by one man. He enjoys crushing hearts and egos like walnuts. And we're not talking "good cop, bad cop" here; we're talking about a little man that enjoys being a bastard -- and national TV, viewers, and even fucking Neighborhoodies give him complete license.

Give me a talk show where I can bring asswipes like him on and make them cry. I'll send them home to their mothers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally hear ya on the Simon Cowell fucker. He is no one trash talking to innocent talent (or honetly lack-there-of). I mean, who is Simon Cowell? Let's examine this: he is the original manager of the SpiceGirls back in the late 1990s. Oh, did I say the Spicegirls? Whoa now, let's look at them? Okay, 5 girls with little to no talent. well, there was one girl who actually had something for herself, that would be Melanie C (a.k.a Sporty Spice). The other girls: POsh Spice was all about looks and money (her daddy was a name in England), Scary was just unique looking and kept up with the diversity issue of the group, Ginger probably gave all the talent search personnel blow jobs to get in, and Baby spice joined ginger in the sex-capades to the execs.

So who is Simon Cowell? I say a coward. He managed one of the pop bands of the 90s who ruined the music industry. Ever since bubblegum pop came out, music has really gone downhill with no end in sight. Oh, and get thsi one. The Spicegirls, after only a couple years with Cowell, FIRED him. that's right, the Spicegirls droppped Cowells ass in England right before really hitting their peak of fame from their second album.

So one more time: who is Simon Cowell? This time, you make the decision. To me, he is an idiot. Who ever gave him the right claim what is talent what ian't? I mean, I have no authority either, but I know that and am not making money proclaiming to American that i do know what talent is. He can kiss my ass for all i care. America, get Cowell off the air please!!!


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