Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nathan Lane and Mathew Broderick: Divorce Court?

Oh, the horror...

They said they were magical.

They said they were a couple made in heaven.

They said this couple was indestructible.

And yet....

Can't any couple remain together these days? What is it with Hollywood and Broadway, for god's sake, tearing people apart like they are just so much cheap paper? I'm still recovering from Tom and Nicole, and now this?! I simply cannot go on. I'm devastated. I may start drinking again. It's simply too, too much. Too much pain. Too much agony. Too much time spent on crap like this when I should be working.

New York Post: Page Six: August 23, 2006 -- BROADWAY'S most beloved buddy act - Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick - is going solo after their less-than-triumphant pairing in "The Odd Couple."
Lane was overheard in the Hamptons last week telling friends he felt Broderick hadn't given his persnickety all during their most recent stint together as Oscar and Felix.

The implication was that fans who loved their pairing a few years earlier in the smash hit "The Producers" might never see them work together again.

The revival of Neil Simon's classic "The Odd Couple" was a hit with the public. Some $21 million worth of advance tickets were sold, and the show was SRO even after it opened last fall to yawn-filled reviews - and zero Tony nominations.

The Post's Michael Riedel reported Lane was "cranky" in previews because Broderick was slow to learn his lines. A script girl was planted in the front row in case Broderick needed prompting.

But the real problem was that Broderick seemed to be falling back on his Leo Bloom shtick from "The Producers" rather than developing a new characterization of the fastidious Felix.

"He [Lane] was not happy with Matthew's lack of effort, and lack of preparation," said one theater source.

The split is nothing like the Jerry Lewis-Dean Martin breakup, but the two seemed frosty to each other the other night when they sat at the same table at the opening night party for Martin Short's show.

Broderick will next take the stage in the January world premiere of Kenneth Lonergan's "The Starry Messenger" at San Diego's Old Globe Theater. Broderick, who starred in Lonergan's 2000 movie "You Can Count on Me," will play a married university astronomy professor.

Lane's next Great White Way role will be starring this fall in a new production of Simon Gray's bittersweet "Butley."

Simon Halls, who represents both stars, denied any bad feelings between the two. "That's ridiculous. They are the best of friends," he snapped. "Somebody's just trying to stir up trouble."

I don't know what I'll do if Brit and Kevin call it quits.


Blogger Pattie said...

Or worse, Tom and Katie.... :(

6:45 PM  
Blogger Billychic said...

Seriously - I never got to see the two of them in the Producers, and I'm sure it was great because why else would there be such a sensation (well, I take that back - can we say Britney Spears?) - but I'm sure they were fabulous.

However, and I'm serious when I say this: I really think Broderick is a mediocre actor at best.

He was great in Ferris Bueller - but c'mon, it's not like he was playing Lear, that was a foo-foo stoner/kids movie; and he was good in Master Harold and Biloxi Blues, but there are any number of other actors who could have done those parts - and better.

The fact that he's made his millions and is sleepwalking through a production now is really not shocking to me at all. Nathan Lane has a right to be pissed. The worst thing an actor has to deal with on stage is not stage fright; it's another actor if the other actor is an asshole and doesn't want to put in any effort. Trying to hold up a scene by yourself is a horror show, much less a whole play.

9:59 AM  

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