Friday, August 25, 2006

Rambles of a pissed bride-to-be

Our wedding planning was going smoothly. We had a photographer and videographer from the same company, booked the reception hall, found my gown, contracted for the men’s tuxes, ordered the invitations, found our florist, spoke with the justice of the peace… everything was working out perfectly.

Then our photography/video guy got arrested. For violating his parole. And re-offending.


Wait, he can’t be in jail. He has $5K of our money (since he required payments up to and including the day of the wedding). What the fuck did he do?

Ok, forget that. Who’s gonna do my photography? Shit. What about my money? I want it back! Oh God, now we have to find a new person for our video and photography. Where are we going to find the money?

This was the first of the fast slide downhill. I found out that he was arrested for child molestation. GRRRRRR. That just infuriates me! And he REOFFENDED?!! ICK. Why was this man out of jail? And why did we have to find him?

Ok, so now I need a lawyer if I ever want to see my money again. But here's the issue: we don't have any money to pay an attorney because the fuckin’ photographer has it all. I learned this isn’t too big a deal since the attorney would take about 30% of whatever I get paid back. Not ideal, but better than no money. So I asked a coworker pal for advice as to what kind of lawyer I should contact. In his infinite wisdom he said, “Call the State Attorney General's office. It’s their job to protect consumers “So I did.

Apparently they were very aware of the situation and were not only going after the business but also his business partner (who was a partial owner). Ok, now I had info on her. She was dying of cancer and only had a few months to live. The assistant AG’s investigator called me back and gave me more details.

On July 28, his business partner succumbed to the cancer that had been eating at her entire body. Sad as I am… now what? I lost my only contact for the company who wasn’t in jail.

Yesterday I met someone who had him as her photographer. She hasn’t gotten her pics back yet and probably never will. At least all I lost was money. I haven’t lost my memories.

Fine. The AG’s office is on it. I have others to suffer with. Now what? I am gonna fight this guy with all my being. I know he’s done this to hundreds of people and he cannot just sit in his cell being supported by our taxpayer funds.

I know: let’s string him up and make him listen to Tom Cruise. That should drive him insane enough to agree to anything.


Blogger Maritza said...

That sucks! Good luck in getting back your money.

7:08 AM  
Blogger sangrante said...

whoa - sorry to hear that!

7:28 AM  
Blogger Billychic said...

I am so sorry that this happened to you! This is supposed to be your special day! Well, you made a good least he has the bread and not the memories...and you can hire someone else to take pics...or do this: get about 50 of those disposable little cameras and leave them on the tables at the receptions and have everyone take pics - the ones that most paid photographer would miss anyway.

Good luck to you!

12:14 AM  

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