Friday, September 08, 2006

Campaign for Unshaved Snatch (CUSS)

This is a hilarious blog that I came across while going through the great list of gals who blog with BloggerChicks (of which Ornery Woman and my personal blog, Voodoo Jive, are a part of).

With a title like that, I simply had to look; what I found was a goldmine of hilarious commentary on everything from, shaved snatch, and everything in between.

I am going through a tough time - on of my pets is in the hospital and it's not looking good for my little girl, the Orneriest Little Lady you'll ever want to meet who's also an angel: my little girl Nina.

This blog, Campaign for Unshaved Snatch made me laugh my ass off - and that's a miraculous feat tonight, because of what's going on.

I salute the author and recommend you all go check her out. She's one Ornery Woman, without a doubt.

Speaking of Unshaved Snatch, I've been thinking about posting about the horrors of brazillian waxing, the joys of pube razor shaving in the shower, and the thrills of near-clitorectomies at the hands of my sissors...I will have to return to this in the next day or two - and perhaps bring in outside assistance with a new addition: the occasional male POV from some very pro-female (or at least respectful enough to give us info from the other side of the fence), intelligent, and sometimes rather hilarious male bloggers - when they have a post that is a reflection on a topic being discussed here on Ornery Woman.

Anyway, please send your thoughts out to Nina, my little kitty (my cat, folks, not my snatch) who is in the hospital and trying to survive an undiagnosed diabetic condition; undiagnosed until I found her unable to walk or eat suddenly.

If you have pets, remember to give them an extra hug today.


Blogger Sportive Tricks said...

Hey girl,

I'll see you in a few minutes at the meeting, but I just wanted to give you an e-hug...I hope Nina pulls through..she's actually the one critter of yours I never met, but always wanted to.


10:38 AM  
Blogger Billychic said...

Thanks, Boo. Ni-Ni and I appreciate it.

2:20 PM  

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