Thursday, September 14, 2006

Stephen Baldwin Prays for Tom Cruise As They Both Wait for Mothership

OldFart54 sent this tasty article link to me today during work...

In a recent interview with Radar Online, the youngest (and soon to be most overweight) of the Baldwin brothers, Stephen, who is supposedly born-again, claimed that of those stars in Hollywood that he prays for, "...Tom Cruise is probably Number 1...I'd love to break bread with him and pray with him."

He'd probably also pray that Tom gets him a gig.


Even if Tom is out on his ear, he's about as much of a freakish curiosity as Joseph Merrick, Michael Jackson, and tragic road accidents. The morbidly curious Roman in all of us will always buy tickets - and so, although Paramount may have finally come to their senses, the public still salivates...and so even being in the same room with Cruise might sprinkle a little fairy dust (ahem) on Baldwin.

He could use it. I have a feeling that his new book, The Unusual Suspect, which is all about how a womanizing coke whore saw the light and became born-again, (no, it's not about George W.; it's about Baldwin himself) might not be a best-seller. And let's face it; of all the brothers, he was probably the least least at acting.

What is really hilarious, though, is that during his interview, despite all his newfound knowledge of the house of God, he could only come up with six of the ten commandments.

Hey, that's better than me. I just know there's something in there about not boinking your neighbor's wife while trying to kill someone as you say the lord's name in vain.


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