Thursday, October 05, 2006

i don't like people part 2

Just under 5 months but enough days to make a dime, I started to see a younger man. He was completely adorable, and very fun and even rather intelligent.
Normally I wouldn't have gotten involved with a guy that was 13 years mt junior, not to say I'm not some kind of 'Cher' wannabe, but I usually draw my line at an even ten years.
As though that makes some kind of difference. Instead of being in a diaper when I was in 5th grade they were in a diaper when I was fielding the horrors of junior high school. When I was making out with guys just about the age they are now...13.
Well, mentally pretty close.
So this guy seemed to be somewhat worth an effort. I would be giddy in his presence laughing and he deemed himself my 'pet lobster' property of me.
Well, my property behaves better. Are my cats my property? No, they are my friends. They can be pretty naughty but they have never outright told me I am the boss of them. Cats would never.
My sweet little lobster and I have had our issues over 5 months. They are as follows,"Why am I out of your top 8?" (myspace) "Why did you move me from 1 to 7?"(myspace) "Why are you deleting my comments?" (myspace) "I want to be your number one friend!" (myspace) No need to identify who said these things, sadly it went both ways. Last time I saw the Lobster he went into my myspace and says,"I'm not in your top 8? Where am I?" and quickly finds himself and throws the little square photo that is him into number one position. It's short lived as later that night I delete him as a friend.
I am in my thirties damn it. This is so stupid I have to write it just to bathe in this idiocy that I have engaged in. A cold moron juice bath might bring me to my senses. Instead of to my space.
However it's off myspace that my crustacean brought me back to reality, with a swift smack of his meaty claw. Not a literal smack, which is a good departure considering the lunatics I normally swim with.
We are lying in bed, post shellfish lovin'. He is holding me close, I can barely breathe but I'm fine with that in the moment.
"We need to nip this thing we have in the bud," he says. "I don't like you in THAT way, so we need to end this before it starts. I would like to be with someone that I care about and love, and then what would I do about you?"
This is the real life version of being moved from number one on myspace, being deleted and blocked and being replaced with your best friend. No it's not. MySpace isn't real life, this is. I don't get it, and I don't want to.
Five months into it, the longest I've seen anyone in years to be honest, we are 'nipping this in the bud'. He will probably say he didn't mean it next week, but unlike on MySpace, he can't delete his comment.

Edit: A few days later he showed up and told me he loves me. I believe it. Will that make things work? Can't say, but he has explained a lot and at heart he's a sweet crustacean.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow........Holy fucking Bisque! I just felt this sharp pain in both my legs as I read this. You know, like being cut off at the knees.
May I just say, in case Crusty the Crab ISN'T kidding, that you have made it out of this relationship just in time, before things got REALLY intense. Men (or boys trying to be men)can be the biggest fuck-tards this universe has ever yielded.
You sound like a fun, wonderful person to be with and I hope can find a real, complete person who will give you complete happiness across the board, unlike this immature tadpole refuge from the WB.

4:33 PM  
Blogger bananastyled said...

lmao that comment was awesome. who wrote that?
you rock ;)

11:55 PM  

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