Sunday, October 29, 2006

Recent Search Words That Led People to This Site and Why I'm Laughing My Ass Off

"how does a male person felt when he was force to be change into a circus ladies and he had to wear all circus ladies clothes and then the circus ladies director would except him to perform in her circus and then he would be able to stay with the circus lady"

Um, WTF?

That, dear readers, was one of the latest searches done in Google that led someone to this site. I'm not so much tickled because it brought them here - because I'm sure that they didn't find what they were looking for (which was?) - but more because someone was searching for that rambling mess.

I have a tracker that tracks urls & isps to this site, and oh, golly - do I have fun seeing what people are searching for...

Other popular searches:
  • Dry humping pillows (wtf?)
  • Sexual quigong vivid photo (I think Full Frontal Honesty would laugh)
  • Dry hump (what's with all the dry-humping?)
  • Sexual women
  • Nathan Lane (thanks, OldFart54)
  • Natalie Portman & Hayden Christenson (Despite best intentions, Sportive Tricks brought all the fucking Star Wars nuts to our website, lol - that's ok, I'm one of them)
  • Women fucking (considering how many times AG and I use the word "fuck," I'm not surprised - really)
  • Battle of Wits With An Unarmed Man (thank you, AspieGoddess)
  • sex woman women pictures

    ...and a myriad of sexual, bizarre, and downright illegal searches that make me wonder why they hell they came to THIS site - other than the fact that perhaps we're a bunch of chicks and they are hoping that the whole "Ornery Woman" thing is a front for some serious chick-on-chick action.

    The mere fact that I wrote that last sentence above will no doubt send a whole army of self-stroking, porn-surfing, "interesting" individuals to this site, where they can puruse through our blog from the privacy of their parent's basement.

    You know what tripped me out? The majority of the really FILTHY searches were done from overseas - in Middle-East and Far-East countries, where I'm assuming access to pornography or even anything remotely like it is verbotten or seriously frowned on...but that almost sounds like OUR country nowadays, so I'm confused...


    Anonymous thordora said...

    my url has brought lots of pople looking for "vomit sex" to my site. So I searched and EW.

    I'm loving all the "I hate my job" searches I'm getting lately. Good to know my own procrastination at work is helping others. :P

    8:13 PM  
    Blogger Maritza said...

    Ha! We're on the same wavelength! I just posted the same thing. I don't get anything as bizarre or fun as yours, just lots of folks interested in panties!

    8:33 PM  
    Blogger Full Frontal Honesty said...

    You're right... I DID laugh!

    Scary thought that the USA could be considered less repressed than another country...

    12:27 PM  

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