Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Whack Your Boss: The Game That Keeps On Giving

I sit here, at my desk in my posh Soho art job and all I can do is think: my boss is an evil, sadistic shrew; the bride of the Anti-Christ.

She is.

My second thought is: the only reason why this is better than working at McDonald's is the money, free coffee, and free lunch on Fridays.

It is.

If they didn't give us those perks, those bartering gifts, I or one of my co-workers would be in jail by now for going postal.

I hate people who act like they are your friend, but always, always always make sure to screw you over before the day is done.

So, as I surf the internet, I remember a cool game someone sent me the link to, of a flash cartoon game where the boss comes in the guy's cubicle and starts harrasing him in a purely evil way, and your job throughout this monologue is to find 7 items with which to kill him. Yay.

I did a search and found it: Whack Your Boss. That's one link for it, but it comes up on several links with a good hearty google search.

Make sure you do all seven - it's a matter of finding things in the cubicle with which to take down this upper-level-management demon. It's bloody and satisfying.

Not as nice as just giving Shrew a good punch in the face, but this will do. For now.


Blogger Billychic said...

I played it and experienced a euphoria that was a bit disturbing.

I almost had to smoke a cigarette afterwards...

I got all seven! Blood and guts galore!

9:39 PM  

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