Friday, October 06, 2006

i can so like people part 3

Well, yesterday I wanted hair clips at the 99 cent store. The clips were too high for me to reach, I stretched as far as I could and they glistened and shone just out of my grasp.
I pushed my body against some metal hooks that had products hanging from them, and imagined one piercing my sternum and my sudden ridiculous death taking place because I a) had to have those hair clips and b) didn't want to ask for help because I am not all that short, right?
A man came over who didn't work there and just lifted his arm easily and plucked the clips and dropped them into my hands. I was ever so grateful, and I bought them.
Of course, when I get home and go to use one I realize the hair clips are broken and useless. This was not the happy ending to my damsel in distress story. Not at all.
Oh drama! Well, ok maybe that's not much of a story of love and loss.
So I give you this:
I saw a guy on MySpace and recognized him as my very first crush from the first grade. I wrote him saying I think I know him if he happened to be.. 'insert name'. He responded,"You remember little old me?" and then went away for a month leaving me wondering.
Then he sent me a friend request today and wrote me and after I left him comments on his cute cat's pictures, he wrote me explaining he had a crush on me when we were teenagers.
Apparently he was at my friend Danny's house (a wonderful friend I never liked 'that' way) and Danny left with me to go to a pool club to swim, and he had to go home he was so jealous.
This is coming from my first crush! I would have never known. It made me giddy for just about 48 seconds.
To update my last post, only a week later this lobster is ready to be back in the tank, but I only have a boiling pot of water awaiting.
I told him I haven't liked a guy in years, but I'm hoping to reconnect with my 'first crush'.
Yeah, that guy was so cute when he was six it makes me feel like a pedophile to even recall it.


Blogger Billychic said...

Yeah, but he was a HOT six year old! Don't say that too loudly or the freaks from the pedophile site that once was linking to our site will return.

First crushes are awesome - but it's even more awesome that he had a crush on you, too!

My first crush was on a man like 60 years my senior...his name was Santa Claus. I wanted him to be my sugar daddy.

10:09 AM  

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