Sunday, October 15, 2006

So It Takes A Baseball Player, Not a President, to Make NYC A Little Safer...

Ungodly Sex Appeal wrote a post over at his blog on MySpace that I thought I'd bring to your attention that really states very well how fucking ironic it is that an airplane was even allowed to fly so close to the ground in NYC in a world since 9-11.

His points about the simple facts, like that it was so close to the United Nations, Empire State Building - hell, 20 flights up for a building in NYC is not all that tall - I was in an elevator on the 24th floor when I heard that it happened and almost shit myself.

The saddest part is of course the loss of human life. I am very sorry for the family of the two men that lost their lives...but the second saddest thing is that it took a celebrity baseball pitcher, not members of our government or our President, to change the asinine laws that allow a plane to fly so low to the ground...

And that you can be sure that if it was a plane full of nobody famous and they'd flown into the Bronx somewhere and not a highrise with apartment that go for nothing less than a million a piece...that there would not be this much of a radical change, so soon.

But maybe me and the excellent blogger mentioned above are just crazy.


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