Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Enough already!

Yesterday was an especially stressful day for the point where I considered marching into our President’s office to quit. Not resign, quit. Tell him “fuck you very much for the chance to work here” and march my ass out the door.

So here I was, totally furious and ready to walk when reality hit me. I have a house and a mortgage and a car payment. There are bills that need to be paid. I can’t quit yet. But it’s coming. Once I have a job that’s not here, that’s it, I’m out.

I'm so tired of doing so much work (like so many others) and not being recognized for it. For the past 4 years I’ve seen people who do shit and who leave at 5pm on the dot get praise and more money. Most of these people are men. The women who work their asses off have to beg for more money .

Though I’m not technically a director or manager, I am considered one. I am required to take part in all management meetings, have a staff of 6 who loosely report to me ~ because of course, as a non-manager I cannot really be their manager ~ and am respected like a director, but definitely not paid like one.

To me, they’ve offered little “carrots” by shifting my roles within the company with no additional monies but lots more work. Why? Because they are “lateral” moves. That’s the difference between a lateral move and a promotion – the money. Both get you the extra work.

I've been seeing it more and more over the years... and realized that no females at here have ever been promoted. It’s time for drastic measures. Guess I should have a sex change. Maybe growing a pair would make a difference.


Blogger Cadaverous Nun said...

Those "lateral" moves are always what have gotten me into trouble...and have eventually made me quit and move onto greener pastures.

You sound like a smart lady - get out of there if you can...although getting a sex change operation might be the solution.

12:38 PM  

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