Saturday, November 01, 2008

Division of labor

I do believe I've come to a decision as to how I'm going to divvy all this up.  My blog is going to be where I discuss my life in general, and this is where I'm going to come to rant.  About anything.  Including the Unit, if I'm so inclined.  I have asked him to respect my 'privacy' *snort* and to keep his nose out of this one, and he has been duly warned that if he chooses to go against my wishes and decides to read it anyway, he does so at his own peril.  Venting it here will hopefully keep me from bottling things up and stewing as I tend to do when I am angry or frustrated about something.

For instance, I find it ludicrous that he will allow me to stick his love wand in my mouth and I have express permission to wipe ANYTHING on him that I want but he will not let me borrow his fucking fingernail clippers because that would be ICKY.  I can talk about stuff like that here without fear of reprisal.  Just thinking about it makes me want to go in there and moosh every one of his damned hats.

But it won't be just for bitching about him.  It will also be where I can vent about things in general that make me want to pinch someone's head off and spit down their neck.  

Like, who is designing clothes these days?  I am a big old fashion DON'T.  But there is a good reason for that.  When I go shopping, I have a choice between looking like I'm twelve or looking like I'm some little old lady in those nice little GrrrAnimal for Grandma sets they sell in the department stores.  I have a choice of looking like a Golden Girl or Hannah Montana.  I am of the mind that there should be a cutoff-that past a certain age and number of children, one should not run around with low rise jeans and a midriff baring shirt, letting the stretch marks and muffin top fall where they may.  So in order not to offend anyone's sensibilities, I now buy most of my clothes in the mens department and just walk around feeling all butch.  

So.  For the present, at least, that is how we are going to roll.  We shall see if that is how it turns out, keeping in mind that (as I'm so fond of saying) the only thing constant is change.



Blogger Billychic said...


Oh my GOD, woman, I just laughed my ass off. Yeah, I'm really not down with a lot of the fashion out there, and I can't fit into half of it, so I figure what the hell, and usually wear jeans and rock shirts.

Ah, the Unit had better watch his unit. LOL


2:14 PM  

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