Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The election's over--now the Jihad starts?

The link in the headline for this post leads to an article entitled, "Qaeda scorns Obama with racial slur and urges attacks.

What, getting Obama elected wasn't hard enough? Now we have to make with dealing with a fucking JIHAD because we have a President who is not Muslim ENOUGH to suit Al Queda and other Muslim extremists?

Well, you know, that's tough shit as far as I'm concerned. America has a President that WE are certain that WE like--we don't have a legal firefight over who actually WON this election--Obama took it in a landslide--so America has nothing to bitch about.

The rest of the free world doesn't seem to be bitching either. Foreign stock markets and other indicators of confidence in the American dollar seem to be slowly, oh so slowly, improving, and the world press seems to be quietly in favor of who we elected.

I should have known that some asshole wouldn't like who we wound up with, but who'd have guessed why? It was tough enough getting a Black president; who would have guessed that others of his race would be bitching BECAUSE we elected him? Bitching because he's not enough of the Muslim his FATHER was? Yes, that's archaic and nothing here is intended to be racist, except for wondering why Muslims are calling for attacks on the US because our similarly-raced President is pissing them off?

I'm going to just have to resign myself to feeling that you can't please everyone; some people would just bitch if they were hung with a new rope! Here's what should matter:

Americans are at peace with the results of the election and the resultant President.

That's it. The only people who should fucking COUNT on whether or not Barack Obama is a fit man to rule America or not is US! That's why we call our Government a Democracy. That's why we vote every four years for our President.

And that, is all that matters--Jihadists can piss off! It's NOT THEIR COUNTRY. It is OURS--this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not the U. S. of any other place. If Muslims don't like their rulers, go do whatever you do (is it kill them, or am I way out of line) and get new rulers so you have something that is actually your business to concentrate on.

Our election is OUR business only--everyone else is cordially invited to fuck off and I'm outta here now--I have a convention this weekend and I still have a wig to style and need to get packed.

"Power to the People" has been demonstrated in the USA--if other countries want it, do what we did--staged a revolution and GOT it! Sitting in your own country and bitching about what is happening in MINE is out of line--my country isn't your business and neither is the convention I'm headng to--so go find your own politics and your own fun and leave Americans to deal with their own.



Blogger Billychic said...

You fucking ROCK.

First - have fun at the convention - and I DO hope so much that you get laid and don't have to break out the cane to get some.

Second - I...well..second that motion and agree with this post 100%. I mean, what is wrong with these fucktards? It's our country, and we actually voted some someone besides a good ol' boy, and someone who took America by a landslide - and I think the most of the world is breathing a sigh of relief that he isn't going to be another BUSH!

No, you're not out of line. There are Muslims, and then there are radical asshole Muslims - same way about Christians, Jews, or any other group that uses religion to persecute. And any Muslim that bitches about us putting a black man in the White House who had a Mulsim even anywhere near his family tree should consider themselves happy and lucky...I mean, all kinds of hell was raised when Kennedy became President because he was Catholic...but also because we are in a time when just that little part could mean so much around the world.

Any fucker that wants to bomb our country or our White House can go fuck themselves - including all the fuckers that go to this website from the Mid-East looking up "sex woman slut cunt" that I see on my IP tracker while they stone women who were raped - but especially those who do both.

7:44 AM  

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