Wednesday, November 05, 2008

hell yeah

The really great thing about being a liberal democrat in the military is the debates you can get into. Today, for example, I heard that Obama wasn't qualified to be president because of his lack of experience.  "But,"  I countered, "Bush had experience anddd...look where we are now."  My friend (and he is my friend, differing political leanings aside) mentioned that Bush was only a governor.  I said, "What sort of experience are you looking for then?  You can only have presidential experience if you've been the president!"  I'm still totally unclear about what he qualifies as experience.  


The conversation a few guys were having about "The republicans are the only supporters of the military, just wait, you can say goodbye to our 3.9% raise." I looked at my one liberal co-worker, who shook his head slightly at me...we have a "keep your mouth shut" agreement when it comes to politics at work because debating with a bunch of staunchly conservative military men is a huge waste of time.  Instead, I IM'd my friend and said, "Yeah, because god dammit, our raise is the most important issue right now.  Our country is in debt, and Bush's administration raped our manning to fund more weapons systems technology and research from greedy, bloated corporations.  We have back-to-back endless deployments, and shitty equipment.  Our personnel are dying EVERY.DAMN.DAY.  Civilians are jobless, retirements are lost, the economy is tanked...(blah blah blah, I could go on, get the picture)"

After I thought about it for a bit I sent another message: "When do you think the comments about Obama wanting to overturn "don't ask, don't tell" start?  Because who cares about the escalating male on female sexual assault problem...maybe they shouldn't let STRAIGHT people in the military."

Anyway.  I get irritated a lot, when I don't have my 'not listening' filter on.  Honestly.  If our only repercussion in the military is losing our 3.9% raise over the next couple of years?  In order to fix the mess the Bush administration landing us in?  I...absolutely think it's worth it.

Absolutely.  Thank you, America, for voting smart this time.



Anonymous kat said...

And yet all those Republicans were willing to back Palin with all her worldly and intellectual experience? If people can't come up with concrete data then they should just keep their mouths closed.

10:12 PM  
Blogger Billychic said...

I think your post, from the POV of a military personnel individual - and a WOMAN, to boot - is so important in regards to this election.

Thank you so much for this valuable piece. It made me think about other things I hadn't even gotten to yet.


10:59 AM  
Blogger Adlibby said...

I wonder what percentage of military personel voted for Obama? That would be an interesting poll.

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Three Cent Stamp said...

Hear hear! I am so glad that the majority of people, this time, were smart. Only 67 more days until the dip-shit is out of office.

1:28 AM  

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