Sunday, May 28, 2006

A (Very) Brief Note On Bloggers Who Don't Offer an Email Addy

You're all a bunch of pussies.

Especially the ones that have political blogs, who expound on all that is just or unjust in the world and try to shake the bloggosphere with their incredible insight and opinions.

Yet they don't offer any email address or contact information. Not even just a gmail address as a catch all. I mean, hell, I hope at some point we get both our share of love and hate mail; that's why I made the email addy at the bottom right(which is just spambot proofed, issall).

I honestly think if you're gonna open your mouth on the net about opinions that might provoke response, you should allow the response to occur. Or hell, maybe, just MAYBE, an internet newsfeed company might be trying to approach you to license your blog but can't contact you because...why?

Because you're a fucking pussy.


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