Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Que Sera

It isn't like I'm ever angry. I get angry at myself, at traffic, at little brats running around on the subway. That's about it. My middle finger fell off somewhere between First Baptist Elementary and Lala Land. Lala Land being the foggy expanse of my fatalistic conscious. Que Sera. Whatever will be. My nose falls off. Yay. Now I'm like Michael Jackson. I lose 3/4 of my hearing. Yay. Now I can read lips through window panes. Bush is elected president. Yay. Now Doonesbury will be good again.

Didn't happen though, Doonesbury has been sucking royally lately.

Que Sera.


Anonymous zingtrial said...

Your blogg is very interesting, would like to come back that is if you dont mind :)

6:36 PM  
Blogger Sportive Tricks said...

To fatalism or Doonesbury?

: P

11:31 AM  

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