Monday, June 19, 2006

where have all the intelligent people gone?

Maybe my standards are too high. Maybe I expect too much from people. Or maybe I just work in the wrong place. Whatever it is, I am so tired of it. I need to be around my own kind.

I work in a place where kids ~ and I use this term loosely ~ from all different background come to "get educated" (but that's for another rant). These people are the ones for whom college was an afterthought. Listening to them talk to each other is like listening to the most bastardized London cockney. Today I overheard something I think was about some girl's baby-daddy who just got another girl pregnant but since he was still staying with her, she really didn't care and oh, did she know anything about Tamika who says that she slept with him too? 'Cuz if she find Tamika, she's gonna kick her ass.


Ok, this gets me closer to my point.

It's the constant breeding of the stupid that kills me. It's never ending! It seems that on a regular basis I get to meet the cream of the crop. These are the beings who are part of the 2-brain-cell clan ~ where one of those brain cells is reminding the other to breathe. The challenge is that since these 2 brain cells are otherwise occupied, there's no room for common sense and this is why they reproduce so quickly. I'm learning whenever I meet a member of the clas, they have 20 kids and are expecting a set of twins in 8 months. Why does stupidity feel it necessary to constantly win the race against the intelligent to bring more of its kind into this world? Apparently where I work, I see the majority. And I think I've met their leaders. Let me tell you, it's not pretty.

As this 2-cell group gets stronger, I've seen it draw away the others. My coworker pal will be running away at the end of the month. Dammit. Now there's one less of us. Who the hell does that leave me with?

If my kind has moved to another planet, I can only hope they remember me back here and come to find me.


Blogger sangrante said...


that must have been painful, the baby talk in the factory...

you DO need a better job, that place is just icky.

8:27 PM  

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