Wednesday, June 14, 2006

This Is Too Hilarious.

I'm lovin' it, is what I am.

I really doubt that in the history of presidencies, anyone has so justifiably caused so many people to be angry, disgusted, outraged, and confused as Dubya. The man is a walking circus act. I mean, let's face it: when the man who is supposed to be in charge of the Free World has to ask someone when he can go to the bathroom?

It would be oh so very funny if this man wasn't our President but some other country' a little country out in the middle of nowhere with population 20 people.

That said, I was not a fan of Clinton, either, and felt that although he was a brilliant man, his attitude towards women was misogynist, patronizing and socially unacceptable at best. He also dropped the ball on many foreign policy and domestic security issues, and never really left the trailer park (I'm sorry, but stealing furniture out of the White House and charging people to sleep in Lincoln's bedroom is just TACKY).

Unfortunately, I think that there was a knee-jerk reaction to how he ran things (oh! the Republicans hated him so much - kind of like the way Democrats...and, uh, 49% of America hate Dubya) that made people swing the other way - and this side of the pendulum is such a horror show.

However: God bless all my pals who send me these little makes me smile on days when I want to pull a Falling Down Michael Douglas and take out an entire block of people.


Blogger TC said...

There were a lot of stories (aka lies) told detailing the terrible vandalism of the exiting Clinton Admin. It was all bullshit. Even the people who told the lies admitted it later. bureaucrats stealing the Ws from every computer keyboard in the White House? That is ridiculous at face value. The fact that the press printed it is...oh, wait, they backed the invasion of Iraq, too...there's that friggin' liberal bias in the press again.


10:59 PM  
Blogger Billychic said...

Good point.

I was asking someone the other day about where and in what periodicals, journals, and broadcasts can one actually obtain relatively truthful information about our own country - and as I guessed, it seems anywhere BUT our country.

I believe they did prove (and it was admitted) that they did charge to sleep in Lincoln's bedroom, though, and I think that's just a little bit over the top.

They'll let presidents charge to sleep in the White House, but I can't grow a few pot plants. Where's the justice?


7:49 AM  
Anonymous tacaldwell said...

Where did the money go? Is it nefarious or unethical if it went to charities? And you can grow a few pot plants...just don't get caught. Clinton's mistake...he got caught.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Bitchy Actress said...

That's right, I forgot about the fact that they came out later and said they'd been lying about the amount and kind of ransacking...

How fantastic! lol

Still, though, my main point is that I think the reason we're stuck with this idiot is because Clinton's administration pissed folks off and they decided to go the other end of the spectrum.

If the only reason they were pissed was because of a little head, though, then that's almost as embarassing as the fact that Dubya was voted in twice.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes...well said: 3 cheers and a tiger for you! (fuck if I know what that means).
But excellently put, nonetheless.

Scary times we live in.

How could anyone, especially the "Leader" of the Free World be so fucking wreckless as to invade, without proper authority, the middle East and start in motion, events that neither help nor justify, but only anger and build hatred.

Of course, he is already taking full credit for the recent demise of the #2 terrorist, but will avoid talking about or probably deny the killing of innocent civilians from the dropping of those 500 pound bombs......

And to think that after the first 4 years, this country was dumb (and scared) enough to put him back in the Whitehouse for another rip-roaring, fun-filled 4 years, makes one shudder.....and think, maybe there's more to this Revelations stuff than meets the eye?

Jesus, I hope not!

10:17 AM  

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