Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blogger Is Killing Me Softly

I'm done with loading up pictures with blogger. I'll have to use my own website server or stick to fucking Flickr. This is bullshit. Every time I log on here only half the pics come up.

Now, perhaps it's because my PC at home is techically retarded and needs double the memory; it chugs away like the "little computer that could", nearly smoking in its frustration and effort to even make it online. What a fucking horror show. Nice equipment I have to work with.

Yes, I have the new laptop, but I'm still missing half the software on it that I need. And today, for some reason I couldn't get online. Again, what a horror show.

I'm also getting this really weird feeling in my stomach...I think I have an ulcer. What does an ulcer feel like? I dunno, but I feel like I have a hole in my stomach, and that sounds like ulcer-ish activity possibilities...

On the bright side, I have a couple of logos for our site's one with me and Rosie as models of

and here's another:


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