Friday, June 02, 2006

A Little Freaked Out On the Internet

I was excited because I was getting some traffic over at Voodoo Jive, and was checking out the little log at the bottom that shows what sites people have just come from before they came to mine. There were a few new ones. Yay! People are reading my stuff!

So, being the nosey and thorough blogger I am, I clicked on. I have found a few pearls that way, and am always eager to read other bloggers work.

What I found wasn't so pretty.
is one link that came up, and I'm half asleep I didn't really make the connection as to what the name referred to, because in the log it just showed up as "My Pedo."

This dude has a pedophile site. He has suggestive photos of young girls and a few boys, all posing and wearing bathing suits and outfits that expose way too much - at least, in this context. What was even more disturbing (yes, it gets more disturbing) is that he says boldly - "I am a pedophile. I am not attracted to adult men and women, only children."

And it even gets worse. (Yes, it's worse)

I clicked on the comments section of one of his posts and there were others like him: fellow "child-lovers" giving him a high five, saying that people didn't understand them for loving children, and there should be more people being open about their...uh...pedophileness.

I thought I had walked into a scene from Southpark, when Cartman joins NAMBLA. Jesus Christ. I'm not highlighting the link because I don't want that freak linked back to my page. In fact, I'm trying to not use the "P" word too much in this post. I don't need a bunch of perverts who wank off to kids my nephew's age clicking into my site thinking they hit the Google tag jackpot.

Look. I read Lolita when I was 12. I had crushes on men in their 40s from that age onward. I know kids in school who were banging when they were 12. Some pre-teens are very very old for their age. I know I was...There are some kids out there that know more about sex at that age then I do at 34 - and I'm not some lily-white petunia. I still think that's totally pushing it, though, and any guy who has to go to anyone below the age of 16 for sex and "understanding" when they are older than 18 themselves is obviously really insecure that they need to have somone look up to them - somehow.

But when someone looks at a 9 year old and says "Oh yeah." like they're getting ready to slip a ten-spot into a strippers g-string? That's where I gotta draw the fucking line.


And don't give me this "it's not's 'child-love'" crap. What a bunch of horseshit.

I flagged it as an offensive site. I love the freedom of the internet, but it comes at a price.


Blogger Róisín Rua said...

I have no idea what's with the paedos popping up lately, but just as I finished reading this, I found in my inbox an email from a man I dumped about two years ago after two dates.....after I found out he likes (yes, I mean LIKES likes) girls under the age of 12.

What the hell he ever wanted with a dried-up old lady like me is anyone's guess.

Why he's trying to get 'back together' with me after we were never ACTUALLY together is also beyond me.

But whatever, just thought I'd share. Gotta love them child-fuckers.

10:06 AM  
Blogger EMRosa said...

Yikes, and I thought I had it bad when I was getting hits from This is so much worse.

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's worse is all these child 'model' sites. Parents are allowing there children to pose like this & it caters to the pedo crowd. Sick but legal...

12:56 PM  
Blogger Cynthia Bostwick said...

Amen. I like your site, and this part was great. I've worked in juvy justice for long enough to know the only thinkg pedophiles contribute to society is kids who become sexual offenders becasue that's all they know. You go girl.


11:22 PM  

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