Monday, May 29, 2006

Remembering Why On Memorial Day

Whenever I talk to my dad at all about his time in the Army, at some point he ends up talking about the people he knew when he was stationed overseas, how lucky he was to have been stationed in Germany when so many of his buddies ended up in Korea, and how many of those friends died over there. My father wears hats every day that support our fallen troops. The sadness and vehemence with which he speaks about his fallen comrades, and the way so many people either forget about the folks overseas or confuse disgust with the war with disgust with those fighting the war, breaks my heart.

I hope that we remember (our current administration included) that the fallen have died for this:

not this:

or this:

And regardless what anyone says, although I loved Barbarella, and many people (I think correctly) comment on how much my voice sounds like hers, I really think that Jane Fonda behaved horribly during the Vietnam war. I wonder what she did today...oh, well, she's probably just trying to salvage what's left of her career - you know it's bad when J Lo is the only star you can do your comeback film with.


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