Friday, June 02, 2006

Your job may suck, but it's better than the alternative.

To anyone who's compelled from this day forward to complain to me about the absolute suck that is their job, I say this - CAN IT. And why do I say that, you ask? It's simple - at least you have something to do.

I have just spent a little under a month doing....well....practically nothing. No work, no cleaning, no dishes, no laundry, and almost no cooking. I've slept in a lot and taken a lot of hour-long baths, but yeah, that's about it. Well, that and a whole hell of a lot of doctor visits, that is.

At the beginning of May, I had what may be my very last cancer surgery in almost exactly four years, and I'm spending the rest of the summer 'recovering' and being filled with all manner of (brain) cell-destroying drugs to make sure that this IS in fact the last I ever have to see of the Big 'C'. As someone who's been walking the earth for four decades and spent three of those working (full-time even through school), I initially welcomed this bit of respite from the rat race. However, at this point, boredom and loneliness have taken over, along with the inevitable depression resulting from being left alone with my illness for this length of time (emphasis on 'ALONE''ll notice that it's pretty difficult to find people to hang out with in the daytime on a workday, and at night....well, YOU try and see who's jumping to spend time with a career patient), and I'm going positively batshit.

At the close of this summer, I am headed back to school to complete my third graduate degree (someone's a bit indecisive, huh?) As a kid, the very thought of going back to school at the end of a summer was enough bring up tears, not to mention my lunch, but these days I'm approaching it a little differently. Not only is school looking very, very appealing, but the only thing about to make me cry/puke right now is the prospect of trying to make it through the rest of the summer.

I swear to god, the minute this chemo's over, I'm applying for a job at McDonald's.

Okay, well maybe I'm not that desperate yet. But only in a month's time will we know for certain....


Blogger Billychic said...

You're absolutely right. I get in such a self-pity mode because I'm so sick of my goddamn gig, because I want to have more time to do my creative work, yadda yadda. But I know damn well that if I didn't have to work I'd have plenty of time to: sit around and procrastinate on my creative endeavors; obsess over other aspects of my life that aren't too hot right now; drink - a lot, and probably a myriad of other things I shouldn't do.

I am so proud of you for all that you accomplish, Rosie. Hell yeah, go back and get that degree. I've been thinking about getting my Masters, and always shy away from it...

I'm also so damn happy that you are cancer-free now. This period right now SUCKS, yes, but at least you have that - which is a lot.

Is that sappy enough? I think I just made myself sick.

8:40 AM  

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