Thursday, June 08, 2006

I plan to be in this book. Maybe you can be in it with me?

tales from gotham
Everyone has stories that only could happen in New York. Crazy supers. Middle of the night subway rides, unhabitable apartments, insane jobs, nightmare roommates . . .
think about it—you must have 5 running through your head right now.
We want your stories. Your funniest, scariest, most outrageous, unbelievable stories about life in New York City, to be featured in our upcoming book, Tales from Gotham.
Please forward this to everyone you know. And be back in touch. Email, call, send us your story, or let us do the writing.
Kim: 212-463-7134 or
Elissa: 212.741.8864 or

To spark your memories, see if any of the following brings back a story that could only happen in New York.
transportation & housing: subways, buses, bikes, taxi cabs, boats, sailing, skateboards, cars, stuck in traffic/traffic jams, city
road rage, tunnels, pedestrians, pedestrian right-of-way issues, helicopters, hot air balloons, pedicabs, vespas, motorcycles and
segueways, apartments, neighbors, landlords, co-op boards, squatting, buying property, real estate agents, neighborhoods, decor,
furniture, sleeping arrangements, murphy beds, lighting, candles people & work: co-workers, bosses, interviews, wages, firings,
hirings, self-employment, sales people, odd jobs, dream jobs, temps or temping, jobs from the third ring of hell, “not my job,”
and only-in-new-york jobs, strangers, coincidences, celebrities, dating and dates, best and worst dates, friends, friends-of-friends,
old friends, end of a friendship, lucky meetings, unfortunate meetings, waiting on line, seen-on-the-street, visitors, family visiting, tourists, experiences with people from other countries fashion: fashion shows, weirdest/worst outfits, inappropriate attire, work clothes, bad uniforms, fashion designers, models, hairdressers, shoes and boots and sandals, shoe stores and clerks, purses,
perfume, make up, too much make up, bathing suits, nude beaches, sunscreen, hats, caps, jewelry, piercings, tattoos, thongs,
jeans, costumes, fashion magazines animals—pets and pests:pets, other people’s pets, squirrels, pigeons, police horses,
birds, rats, mice, lice, butterflies, bedbugs, roaches, infestations of all sorts, trips to the zoo, dog runs, dog hotels food &
beverages waiters, restaurants, diners, chefs, wine, picnics, barbeques, caterers/parties with catered food, dinner parties,
recipes, romantic dinners, ordered lunches, business lunches or dinners, bagels, pizza parlors, cafes, health department,
unusual places for meals, unusual meals, vomit tales, drinking tales, drunk strangers or friends or coworkers crime, disease
& accidents: lawsuits, break-ins, thefts, eye witnesses, jury duty, the mob, neighborhood watches, police, police stations,
security guards, attacks, white collar crime, drug dealers, stomach flu, hospital visits, accidents witnessed, accidents experienced,
wheelchairs, canes, outbreaks entertainment & weather: author readings, nightclubs, dancing, live music, concerts, street
musicians, DJs, subway musicians, instruments, films being made, movie theaters, acting in a play or film, Broadway, mimes,
jugglers, strippers, drugs, singers, clowns, circus, trapeze artists, horse & carriage rides, religious holidays, Halloween, parades,
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 4th of July and fireworks, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Year’s Eve, caught
in the rain, snow storms, sweltering in the city, hail, ice patches, sledding, skating, swimming, fountains, sprinklers, umbrellas,
city aromas in the summer children & sports: birthday parties, park experiences, restaurant experiences, friends at school,
school experiences, classes for toddlers, baby yoga, gifts, questions, field trips, spelling bees, t-ball, Little League, soccer, soccer
moms or dads, jogging, basebalgames, health club experiences, health club classes/teachers, yoga class, boxing, pilates, bike
riding, rollerblading, tennis games, ping-pong, volley ball business: opening a new business, dealing with a business (dry
cleaner, contractor, etc.), stores visited, stores in your neighborhood, dollar stores, department stores, spas art, education
& culture: gallery openings, statues/sculpture, museum trips, art classes, artists, performance art, dance, dancers, portfolios,
plays, school and university experiences, Learning Annex classes, teaching a class, tutoring, mentoring, learning something new
(an instrument, etc), fundraisers, donations, asking for money, thrift shops, benefactors weddings & parties: good and bad
proposals, witnessed proposals, NYC weddings, receptions, wedding dresses, bridesmaids, bar & bat mitzvas, DJs, planned
events, birthday parties for adults, weird or wonderful gifts, unexpected gifts, worst or best gifts, awkward moments bad things
happen when you leave New York: weekend getaways, tropical vacations, trips home to family, sleep-away camp, extended
vacations, second homes, the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore, CT, upstate NY, the Berkshires, airports/JFK/LaGuardia/ Newark,
passports, plane rides, stranded.


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