Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Want My $$$ Back!

I want my money back. I figure that after the 35 years of income the United States government has made off my existence, it should be no sweat to return some of those funds to someone they keep insinuating is a non-citizen, right?

I mean really, if they’re not going to treat me like a real member of the system, then I figure I should opt out for a while and live off that neat escrow fund they’ve set up for me.

I hereby invite all queer or otherwise marginalized people who are just trying to protect themselves and their loved ones to do the same.

You won’t let me get married? Well can you return all the taxes and legal fees we’d save if you deemed us worthy of your legal recognition?

(People balk at how much weddings cost, well imagine if all the ceremonies in the world would never provide you and your partner the adequate legal protection, and to add insult to injury you’d have to spend about the same amount as you would on the ceremony.)

I watched in horror and disbelief as you deliberately ignored your own citizens to let them drown, starve and ultimately go homeless merely because they weren’t the right tax bracket or part of your knee-jerk voting club. Well gosh, I’d like my own convention-ready compound too! Can I have mine in Hawaii? (No one has to be flooded out of their homes, but I’m sure all that money you’ll make with Katrina could buy me a house and a couple one-way tickets, right?)

You keep starting wars and jacking the gas price to profit your oily, scumbag corporations. Your wars lead the children I’ve been trying to teach and motivate to their deaths by offering them no other economic alternative for higher education.


Well, can I take all those kids before you try and kill them, and start my own nation-state so we can decide for ourselves whether everyone who doesn’t believe in some blue-eyed Jesus is really the devil?

Because right now I keep confusing the devil with, well...you.

And you have my money, and I want it back!


Blogger Billychic said...

Right ON.
Right you are, my dear Ms. Sangrante. How eloquently stated.

What really pisses me off (well, hell, one of many things) is that of all the fucking things to be focusing on, they are scrambling to make sure that gays can't marry? What about all the folks in LA and MS who are still unable to go back to their homes and who lost everything and can't get any money? Or start over? Or bring back their dead loved ones?

What about our boys and girls who are dying every day overseas for a cause that is simply as futile as throwing bricks into a canyon?

This smells of scapegoating and smoke n' mirrors; it is a disgrace. And for all the people who are jumping on the quick! hurry! keep those fags and dykes from tying the knot! bandwagon, I'm here to say as a survivor of two heterosexual marriages that went down the tubes, they need to take care of their own lawn before they tend to somebody else's. Love, respect, and patience are the only requirements for a good marriage.

Not your sexual preference.

11:12 PM  

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