Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Bisexuality Epidemic

Is it just me or are all females these days bisexual? Take a quick glance at sites like MySpace and it sure would seem that way. Girls as young as 13 and 14 pose for their 'default profile picture' making out (usually quite poorly) with their best friends, and any chick worth her salt is going to list Angelina Jolie as someone she'd like to meet. But do any of them really like females? I mean LIKE them like them? What do you think?

Backtrack - I am bisexual. As in, I'm physically attracted to and have enjoyed sexual activity with both males and females. I have been this way since I was quite young, and initially, my lesbian side was something that disturbed me quite a bit. See, I was raised long ago in a land far away, where girls kissing girls wasn't considered sexy or even remotely acceptable. The fact that I was attracted to other females and the possibility that I might be....gasp!....gay, was actually a source of constant worry for me, as I tried my damnedest to purge any attraction I might have to women from my head and body by more or less screwing any guy who asked. I don't know what the hell I was trying to accomplish, but to a 15-year-old Catholic kid who feared for her heterosexuality, I guess it was a weak attempt at finding the Mr Right who would be so incredibly good in bed that I'd forget any desire I might have for the female body.

Long story short, that plan didn't work. Yes, I still fuck boys, but I also still very much like the ladies. I have since learned, though, that there's nothing wrong with that. Some people think there is, but some people are also profoundly retarded. Some people (like my ex-husband) honestly believe bisexuality is something that can be grown out of, so how much creedence can we really give to their opinions? I don't view bisexuality as a good or a bad thing myself, it's just an orientation, and it does in a sense make me more fortunate than others, since I can basically have two partners at once without 'cheating'.

But when I say 'two partners at once', I do mean a girlfriend and a boyfriend....not a girlfriend for my boyfriend's amusement. Which leads me back to the MySpace bisexuals and why I hate them so fucking much.

I have only been socializing online for a little under two years, with all of that socialization happening on MySpace. I've never approached the internet with the purpose of finding dates, because in my opinion, only losers do that (more on this later). I did end up going on a few dates, most of which crashed and burned, but then again, most dates I've been on period have crashed and burned, so the net isn't nearly as different to real life as I gave it credit for being.
The only difference I could see, after being on for a few months, was that finding women to date would probably be a bit easier, seeing as orientation is there for everyone to plainly see....which mine usually isn't when I'm just out walking the streets.

And I did get emails from girls. Lots of them. However, most of them weren't actually interested in women 'that way'. They claimed to be, but upon further examination, they were just submissive straight girls in relationships with men who wanted to see them get it on with another female they (by 'they' I mean the boyfriends) found attractive. Most of the girls even admitted their boyfriends had handpicked me for them.

Now I don't know about anyone else here, but when it comes to me and sex, I am not big into the whole 'performing for an audience' thing. I'm particularly not into it when the person I'm fucking isn't actually getting anything from it, which I'm going to assume a straight girl isn't going to be. If I have a boyfriend, I have no trouble pleasing him, but pleasing someone else's boyfriend? Ehh....fuck that shit. I'm in it for the pleasure of my partner....not someone else's. You want me to fucking perform for your skank ass, you are bloody well going to be paying me for my time.

Likewise, the guys who write me now, after seeing pics of me and my girlfriend, who want us to
'perform' for them need to be beaten within an inch of their sorry little lives. The fact that we are both bisexual does NOT insinuate, no matter what anyone else on the internet or anyplace else has led you to believe, that we are sluts or performing whores for hire. We might like men, but the chances are pretty good that does not include YOU. We are not going to provide you with a show to jack it to. If you want to fantasize about us, there is unfortunately nothing we can do to stop you, but we really don't need to be provided with the details of what you do when you think of us together, and we sure as hell don't want to act out for you. There are plenty of girls around who live to pleasure random men, and most of them are on MySpace. Please, for the love of god, find them....and leave us alone.

And for those gals, the ones who for whatever reason, have made bisexual the 'thing to be'....please stop it. You're giving the rest of us a bad name. MySpace and sites like it need to add another orientation to the list....'straight but will do anything with anyone if it means I'll get some cock'. Please lobby to make that so. That way you'll get what you want and the pigs you're looking to attract will leave poor old half-dykes like me the fuck alone.


Blogger sangrante said...

I kinda think it's all the cheesy emo-rock they listen to.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, my latest encouter with a 'bi' girl was before I had to date her, she told me to read the Ethical Slut. So she's a little more than bi, per se. She's poly, and doesn't sound like she gets as many girls as she would like, and goes with mainly men. This added layer or multiple choices of sexuality you would think would make things, but old fashion guys like myself are left a little confused.

10:01 AM  

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