Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Internet Stalking and etc.

I just had a birthday January 29th. I turned 37. Now, I am a pretty young looking woman. I mean, when I was 25 people thought I was 12. When i was 30 people thought I was 16.
So it's nothing new. I used to get very upset about this, but somewhere in my 30s I started playing along. If some cute guy said,"What are you 22?", I'd smile and say he was so talented with that age guessing thing.
Big deal. It's not like this was a person I was going to marry. The way our culture embraces youth, I started not to want to divulge just exactly how old I was sometimes.
I was really losing interest in the,"Oh MY GOD! You don't look THAT old!" exclamations my age started to bring in.
That's a compliment I take it, but I wasn't thrilled by the 'that old' statement. I didn't actually believe I was older than time.
Anyway, recently I had known a 25 year old woman, Nia. While she knew I was into my thirties, she didn't know how much into. She was discriminatory towards older women, and put down the actresses on "Sex and the City". She claimed no guys would honestly be chasing after them, they are all 'at least a minimum of 36'.
I thought,"Um yeah, bitch, I'm 36 right here." She went on to lament the fact that she was 25 and 'over the hill'.
OK then. A few days before I turned 37 she began to instant message me wishing me a happy birthday, and noting that I was not in fact in my early 30s. She told me to accept the fact that I'm old!
She was continuing to be really rude about it, so I blocked her. Then she signed on another name and sent me a link to a blog post I wrote on this site about how nearing 40 had some physical side effects I was already starting to encounter.
This was her 'proof'. I told her I looked younger than she does, as I do. She responded it was the 50 pounds of makeup coating my bad skin, and the fact that I dressed like a whore.
I am 37! That's right. I look damned young, and I always did. I do not think 40 is old. I think her thinking is old, outdated, narrow minded. She kept asking me how I wasn't miserable not being married or not having children in my thirties.
How about, because I'm comfortable doing my own thing. I am sad I am not comfortable about saying my exact age all the time.

It's my goal this year to get over it. People with nothing better to do than stalk blogs trying to dig up information on me need to get over it, too.


Blogger Billychic said...

What a stupid, silly, pathetic...well, I was going to say woman, but I don't think she qualifies.

If she reads this blog, then I hope she sees me writing this: YOU'RE A FUCKING IDIOT.

I wish I had front row seats on the day that she hits her mid-thirties and thinks, "Wait - it just seems like yesterday that I was a whiney little twat that had no concept of what age was really all about. I thought, like 12 year olds, that anyone over 30 is old. But that's not true, because I'M over 30 and...I'm not old!"

And then some little intellectually and emotionally challenged individual like herself, who is about 25, will come over and tell her what an old fart she is. Then, she'll cry.

And I'll have gotten my money's worth.

It's people like that who can make money as poster children for birth control. Or legalized execution...either one.

12:07 AM  

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