Monday, July 30, 2007

Show Us Your Bosoms, You Filthy Menstruating Strumpet!

Full disclosure: I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton. I am not a fan of any of the Dems, except Mike Gravel, in a perverse way, because he's a loony. And this is not because I think they're too far left--just the opposite. But damned if this sexist nonsense doesn't make me want to run out and slap "Rodham-Clinton/Whoever'08" bumper stickers on the ass end of the first vehicle I see. Especially if the driver is listening to Comedian Rush Limbaugh (tm Keith Olbermann).

HRC's latest antics? Apparently, showing too much cleavage . Yes, according to those oh-so-pure-protect-me-from-you-evil-vagina-possessing-succubi good ol' WASP boyz over at the Wall Street Journal (link provided for the devoted financial moguls or the severely masochistic), namely one John Harwood, who whipped out some fine all-American she-asked-for-it rationalization by claiming that HRC was fully "aware of what she was communicating by her dress."

Oh, where do I even start with this one? Perhaps JH is an alien abductee/conspiracy theorist rendered hypersensitive to hidden communiques, particularly those of a mammarian nature? Or perhaps he is a strict Freudian who trained in Vienna under the auspices of the old master's daughter, Anna, and can divest multitudes from that inch of shoulder flesh HRC had the audacity to display? Or perhaps, just maybe, and I wouldn't want to unduly anger this fine specimen of manhood, being in possession of two X chromosomes as I am, JH is yet another example of frat-boy-who-never-had-to-grow-up brain droppage hogging the airwaves and spewing his ignorant poison all over the place?

Let's get some things straight, Mister Harwood. 1. Just because a woman shows a wee tad of flesh--or, hell, all-out cleavage, or even bare breasts, it does not mean, prima facie, that she is asking you to fuck her. Do not blame your penis for what your brain cannot and/or is not interested in learning to control. There are many, many reasons we show cleavage and/or breasts, and quite a few of them have little or nothing to do with getting laid. 2. "Dressing like a dyke" and all its permutations (and don't front like you haven't attacked Hillary for those sartorial choices)is not the grievous sin you and yours have set it up to be. Please stop treating it thus. 3. Having said THAT, do not diss us for dressing "like dykes" and then demand we show tit, and last but not least, don't call us bitches, sluts, and whores when we do, mostly to shut YOU the hell up.

Yeah, it's an old story, this sexual double standard. But it takes some of us awhile to become enraged. And I am so very sorry for that.


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